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He althy food
He althy food

Why is sea fish not entirely he althy, and is it better not to drink porridge with tea?

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Sea fish lovers are warned by experts: the world's oceans, unfortunately, contain a lot of mercury, and some species of fish accumulate it especially actively. For example, when researchers at the University of Nevada tested more than 300 samples of canned tuna (of the most popular brands), they found that more than 55% of the products tested were significantly above the acceptable level of mercury.

What to do, because canned tuna is perfect for salads and sandwiches? There is a simple solution: use salmon instead of tuna, which contains almost no mercury, since "wild" types of salmon are usually used for canning, which contain much less harmful substances - unlike artificially grown on fish farms.

The nervous system needs special nutrition, which is provided by B vitamins, especially vitamin B1 (thiamine). In principle, it is easily digested and quickly enters the bloodstream. In addition, it is found in many cereals, rice, peas…

But thiamine is found mainly in the husks and shells of grains, so it is already much less in processed cereals. So be sure to include in your diet unpolished cereals - rice, oatmeal, buckwheat. Thiamine also has “enemies”: nicotine, alcohol and sugar. When they enter the body, thiamine is consumed in large quantities. And the tannins contained in tea destroy vitamin B1, so it’s better not to drink tea with porridge.

Moderate alcohol consumption - one drink (eg 140 ml of wine or 50 ml of cognac) per day for women over 40 and two drinks for men - reduces the risk of type II diabetes by 40%. This conclusion was reached by experts who conducted the largest study in Europe involving 35,000 he althy people over 10 years. But it's best to avoid sweet or semi-sweet wines or liqueurs - they contribute to the accumulation of body fat, and this is a risk factor for many diseases.

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