Maximum program: skin cleansing

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Maximum program: skin cleansing
Maximum program: skin cleansing

The number one task is to choose a cleanser based on the type of skin and its individual characteristics.

Maximum program: skin cleansing

It's not enough just to remove makeup before bed. The number one task is to choose a cleanser based on the type of skin and its individual characteristics. However, first decide if you need a product that requires water, or if a “dry” cleansing is enough for comfort

The first group of products is usually recommended for owners of oily skin. A variety of gels and foams that interact with water contain surface-active substances (surfactants) that effectively remove cosmetics and sebum from the pores. True, be careful - products for oily skin that contain alcohol should be used with caution. Perfectly cleansing the epidermis, they simultaneously dry it out and in the future can disrupt the hydrobalance, cause dehydration and flaking.

If the skin type is mixed, it is best to cleanse the skin with a gel that removes impurities well, but does not violate the barrier functions of the skin. “Vegetable extracts with a disinfecting effect can be used as active ingredients, for example, castor bean extract, arnica, calendula, a complex of vitamins - niacinamide, zinc, copper, manganese, organic and inorganic acids,” says Natalya Buzhinskaya, director of the Petrovka Center for Medical Cosmetology Beauty.”

Waterless products are generally suitable for all skin types. But most of all, dry and sensitive people will like them: unlike gels, they rarely contain alkali, and also save the skin from contact with chlorinated tap water, which can cause a negative reaction if sensitive.

“It is very important to choose a product for sensitive skin that does not disturb the hydro-lipid layer,” says Svetlana Melnikova, dermatocosmetologist at the EMS Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. - Products containing witch hazel extract, lactic acid, have an anti-inflammatory and vasoconstriction effect.”

Facial products that quickly get rid of impurities and prepare the skin for subsequent care:

NOTE: Deep Skin Cleansing

Some manufacturers include exfoliating particles in gels and creams, the task of which is to open clogged pores, deeply clean them and prevent inflammation. Unlike scrubs, these products can be used daily because they contain very fine abrasives that are barely visible to the naked eye. Such gels can be applied directly to makeup - cosmetics will be removed without residue. True, do not forget that even such mild exfoliation is indicated only for oily skin. Dry, and even more sensitive skin does not need such an active effect and can react to it with irritation and peeling.

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