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When we talk about comfort, we often mean convenience and comfort.

Home inspiration

Founding father of the rocking chair

Benjamin Franklin is known to most of us as a politician who stood at the origins of the United States of America. However, his work in the field of science and technology also deserves attention. Many of Franklin's discoveries are related to electricity - in particular, he investigated lightning, flying a kite during a thunderstorm, and invented a lightning rod. But the great American was not inspired by the elements of nature to create one of the most comfortable and beautiful household items. According to the widespread version, he could not find a comfortable enough position to relax on a sofa or in an armchair. The idea came when Franklin saw a woman rocking a baby in the cradle - the baby looked contented and at peace. Reasoning that adults could do well to take an example from him, the founding father of American democracy came up with the original design of the rocking chair. The invention was patented and first mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary in 1787.

Home microclimate

The expression "cozy atmosphere" is sometimes to be taken literally, because our well-being largely depends on the air temperature in the house. The first electric air conditioner was designed by American engineer Willis Carrier in 1902. Inspiration came to the inventor from childhood: as a boy, he, along with his father, made devices for cooling and ventilating utility rooms on the farm. Initially, air conditioners were bulky and expensive, and therefore were used for industrial and commercial purposes - for example, they did not allow paints in a printing house to bleed from the heat, cooled the air in textile factories, and later, in the 20s, they attracted visitors to cool shops and theaters. In private homes, air conditioners began to "make the weather" since 1915, when Carrier was founded (by the way, it still works successfully today). Then Carrier developed a compact model of the device in a short time - he had to be inspired by a contract with a we althy buyer, which was prepared by an enterprising partner of the engineer.

Creative order

Comfort in the house has a beneficial effect even on those who like to talk about the benefits of creative chaos. In fact, order in everyday life helps maintain clarity and clarity of thought. A classic attribute of the inspiring atmosphere of home comfort, of course, is tea drinking. And for good reason: according to experts at the Lipton Institute for Tea Research, the natural substance theanine contained in tea leaves can help focus when solving certain tasks. If your home is cozy and comfortable, new interesting ideas will visit you more often!

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