Home for happiness

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Home for happiness
Home for happiness

Light, bright and very cozy European-style interior for connoisseurs of peace and classic style.

home for happiness
home for happiness

Light, bright and very cozy interior in European style


The layout of the apartment has been changed, and as a result, the entrance hall, living room and kitchen have become a single space. One of the walls of the living room is lined with hand-cast tiles imitating old brick. Each brick has its own shade, due to which the wall looks alive and voluminous. In the center of the living room is a large genuine leather sofa combined with plush.

Pillows and upholstery of the sofa bring together all the shades used in the decoration of the living room.


Behind the gray velvet curtains in the hallway is a dressing room, where there are a lot of shelves and drawers for clothes, shoes and accessories. The built-in furniture was made according to the sketches of the hostess of the house and was first drawn directly on the floor and walls, and then made to order.

dining area

The granite-topped corner china cabinet was custom-made from ash wood and then artificially aged and painted to match the main kitchen unit. Inside the cabinet there is an inset that allows you to hide the radiators.


The walls of the room were specially made uneven, so depending on the lighting they change color. In the center is a luxurious wrought-iron bed. Forged elements are repeated on furniture fittings and lamps.


All furniture in the apartment is made of natural wood. The master bedroom has handmade birch furniture made at a Belarusian factory. Almost no nails were used in its assembly.


The kitchen originally had a window with a very low and wide window sill, which was then converted into a comfortable sofa made of soft linen seat cushions. This place immediately became one of the most beloved in the house.


Calm olive color is very often used in the design of the kitchen, as it creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere. All surfaces of the kitchen set, doors, facades and internal equipment of the shelves were mounted on brickwork. The kitchen countertop was assembled from four sheets of granite, the color of which matches the color of the backsplash. The hood was originally drawn on the wall, and then, according to the sketches, it was made of plasterboard, covered with a special solution, painted and tiled.


Decorative tile inserts with the names of French provinces are repeated along the lower border of the kitchen apron, in the plinth and on the front of the hood.

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