Mission "Perfect Mom"

Mission "Perfect Mom"
Mission "Perfect Mom"

Are you living in a frenetic pace, managing to build a career, raise children and look gorgeous at the same time?

Mission "Perfect Mom"
Mission "Perfect Mom"

1. Movement is life! Find time for sports - go skating, skiing, rollerblading or cycling (take your child with you, he will be delighted), and also give up the elevator and go out on foot more often where you go by car "out of habit" - for example, in The store is 10 minutes walk away. And in general, try to be on the street more, walk and just walk - it's good for you and the children.

2. Connect with other moms! Sometimes it seems that the burden of routine problems cannot be carried on - everything falls out of hand, the children do not obey, you do not have time for anything and no one understands you … Especially if all your friends do not yet know what motherhood is. At such moments, it is extremely useful to communicate not only with close relatives, but also with mothers like you: they, like no one else, can imagine how hard it is for you now, and therefore they will easily find words of support. Communities "Thank you, Mom!" exist in all the most popular social networks just for women to share their motherly joys and problems. All you need to do is join the project and you will have tips, recipes, useful know-how, and just words of moral support at your service.

3. Take a day off, even if the work week is in full swing. Arrange with your husband, nanny or your own mother and devote the day only to yourself. Chat with your girlfriends in a cafe, get a manicure or a new hairstyle, go to an exhibition or a movie, buy a fresh issue of Cosmo, and just take a walk and free your head from everyday problems … In general, treat yourself in any way you like! This mini-vacation will do you good, becoming the very “reset” that will help you find strength where there was none before.

4. You are what you eat! In other words, the words "balanced diet" should not be an empty phrase for you. After all, a good mood and well-being for you and your child is, to a certain extent, the right proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates on your plates. So, delicious and he althy meals, every day! You can find ideas for them in the Thanks, Mom! community, where you can share recipes for your favorite quick and he althy meals. Perhaps you got some worldly secrets from your own mother? Share - and get a lot of interesting things in return!

5. Spend time with children and do it with pleasure! In English, there is the concept of "quality time" - free time that we devote to communicating with loved ones or some interesting joint activity. Try to understand what is important to your family and what brings you the most pleasure - walking the dog together, playing sports, doing crossword puzzles, reading aloud, playing board games, cooking or crafting something. Sometimes it’s worth spitting on unwashed dishes or unfinished homework - and just go to the cinema together, go to the mall with your daughter, or skip school and work with your son in order to finally go to the planetarium. Or maybe you should stay at home and watch cartoons in pajamas together all day? There are no number of options, the main thing - do not forget to tell your child and husband every day about how much you love them, praise them more often. After all, it is for such simple signs of attention and wonderful unplanned outings that they will definitely be able to thank you.

Another important piece of advice left out of brackets is take the time to thank your own mom. After all, now it has become much easier for you to see the problems that she once faced! Science has proven that gratitude makes us feel better, both physically and mentally. With the help of special applications in the communities "Thank you, mom!" you can send an e-card or a virtual bouquet of flowers. Use this opportunity and have time to say "thank you" to your mom before April 18!

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