How to make a stencil with your own hands?

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How to make a stencil with your own hands?
How to make a stencil with your own hands?

A stencil can be used to paint anything at home: a photo frame, a mirror, a chest of drawers, a wall, a decorative pillow, a breakfast table or a lampshade. In our master class you will learn how to make a stencil with your own hands

How to make a stencil with your own hands?

How to make a DIY stencil

  • Photocopier (copier)
  • Scotch tape
  • Stencil film (file folders can be used)
  • Fine tip marker
  • Dummy knife
  • Cutting mat (tailor's) or new cutting board
  • Glue spray
  • Rag
  • Acrylic paints or other paints for your chosen surface
  • Glue for decoupage on fabric (if working with fabric)
  • Small tassel
  • Carbon paper

Before you start:

Wipe the surface to remove grease, dust and dirt. If you are going to transfer the design to the fabric, as we did, wash the pillowcase first. Then place some paper or plastic wrap under the fabric where you want to apply the pattern so that the paint does not accidentally leak and stain the other side of the pillowcase. While painting the fabric, mix acrylic paint with decoupage glue at the rate of 1:2. This is done so that the applied pattern is resistant to washing. If you are making a large wall stencil, prepare the wall by thoroughly cleaning it.

Stencils for letters

A great idea that you can implement with your child is a stencil for letters. It can be made from different materials such as cardboard or plastic. The fastest and easiest to make will be a paper stencil. To create it, you will need to prepare templates - letters or pictures - depending on what you plan to do. Transfer these patterns to the main stencil material and carefully cut them out with a utility knife. You can also create stencils for numbers and more - everything is limited only by your imagination. Show your child how to make a letter stencil and they will love doing this creative thing!

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