Male look: Alexey Morozov

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Male look: Alexey Morozov
Male look: Alexey Morozov

Video: Male look: Alexey Morozov

Video: Male look: Alexey Morozov
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Praise the men! But do not flatter for no reason,” says Alexei Morozov, Russian hockey player, CSKA forward. Married, has a son Nikita (6 years old) and a daughter Anastasia (4 years old).

Male gaze: Alexey Morozov
Male gaze: Alexey Morozov

Why do men more often "vote" for brutal sports - hockey, boxing, football?

I wouldn't divide sports like that. All sports are interesting and useful, everything is pleasant to look at. I would put it another way: men choose men's sports because they like to show their character.

Agree with the popular phrase "scars adorn a man"?

You know, it's so used to say in hockey to support a friend who has an injury. But there are scars that are not very decorative, but on the contrary … So this is just a phrase invented to calm.

Do men care about victories and results?

It all depends on the character. If a person is born to be a winner, he will be the first since childhood: in life, in sports, and anywhere. And there are people who, if something did not work out for them, do not worry much, they simply agree with the fact of failure. And that goes for both men and women.

Why are most men passionate sports fans?

We are more interested in watching a match than going to the theatre. And if your favorite team plays, it's doubly interesting!

Why can't all men cook?

They weren't taught that. As boys, they walked more, played sports games. And girls often enjoyed spending time helping their mothers in the kitchen.

Why don't all men want a traditional wedding?

Many men do not like to be the center of attention when everyone congratulates them, makes loud toasts. It's an awkward situation for them.

A father for a child…

Example to follow! A father should always be a model for his child, show him with his actions and behavior what he should become.

What do men think mothers do wrong with their children?

Pampers. You can often get permission from your mother to do something that you can’t actually do, somehow agree with her. Sometimes it's good, but sometimes it's overkill.

What shouldn't a woman say to a man?

Don't insult.

What does a man like to hear from a woman?

True compliments. If a man really achieved success at work or did something well at home, he should be praised. But you need to tell the truth, and not flatter for no reason.

What should a woman do if the man she loves stops complimenting her?

Remind him how great it is to hear nice words addressed to him. I am sure that every woman has her own approaches to a man. The main thing is not to wait silently for something to change.