Why do we watch horror movies?

Why do we watch horror movies?
Why do we watch horror movies?

Will the heroine get out of the dark house… Will she be able to outwit the maniac… Will they really go out of the house into the street teeming with zombies… Horror! Why do we watch horror movies? And what makes us buy tickets for the next session of "horror"? It turns out there are reasons.

Why do we watch horror movies?
Why do we watch horror movies?


Horror films give us a whole range of sensations and emotions. We get frightened, shudder, close our eyes, cling to the arms of our chairs, we get goosebumps. And the heart is beating fast. We also empathize with unfortunate heroes, get angry when they make the wrong decision (“Don’t go there!”), but at the same time we believe that everything will work out.

We watch horror movies to experience emotions that we sometimes lack in everyday life. Home - work - home, and here once, and so many experiences! The scare guarantee attracts people who in real life lack adrenaline, emotional outbursts, events.

Feeling of superiority

Another reason we watch horror movies is to be able to say "I would never be in this situation!". Indeed, a sane person will not make his way alone through a dark forest and will not go into a strange abandoned house out of curiosity. The victim himself fell into the trap!


But no matter how much we are afraid while watching a movie, we know that all this is not true. This is the fiction of the screenwriter, the masterful work of the director and the impressive play of the actors. And the realization of this fact gives us, the audience, another vivid feeling - relief. We seem to be afraid, but pretend. Often, it is the feeling of relief that is valued by fans of the horror genre more than the actual experience while watching.


At the same time, each viewer is aware that at any moment they can leave the hall (or click the remote control button if they are watching a movie at home). That is, he controls the portion of fear himself. Some more. Enough now.

Minus plus plus

We all tend to reach out not only for the beautiful, but also for the terrible. Such is the nature of man. And you don't have to beat yourself up about it. Because during a stressful situation we gather, mobilize all our potential - become stronger, feel, see and hear better. And act.

    Top 10 Horror Movies

  • "The Exorcist"
  • "Key to all doors"
  • House of Wax
  • Shelter
  • Omen
  • "Jaws"
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • "Call"
  • "Destination"

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