Cosmetics on vacation: what to take with you?

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Cosmetics on vacation: what to take with you?
Cosmetics on vacation: what to take with you?

For you, traveling is a joy, but for your skin it is a real stress. What to take with you so that your vacation brings only positive emotions? Expert, Desheli cosmetologist Mikaelyan Sirarpi will tell you which body products are the most necessary on vacation

Cosmetics on vacation: what to take with you?
Cosmetics on vacation: what to take with you?

Preparing for a hot country vacation is a delicate scrub and anti-cellulite gel, and on vacation a moisturizing shower gel, rich body cream butter and sunscreen.

A day or two before the holiday, cleanse the skin of dead cells to tan evenly. Your ally in this matter is a body scrub. The scrub gently exfoliates, stimulates skin renewal and enriches it with beneficial trace elements.

Exposure to the sun and s alt water can dehydrate your skin. Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day with a shower gel lotion. After showering, apply body butter. You can apply body oil not only in the morning, but also after sunburn - it will perfectly refresh and soothe the skin.

It is very important in advance, before the holidays, to start fighting the manifestations of cellulite. Stick to proper nutrition, exercise, use effective cosmetics. If possible, take them with you to consolidate the result, and also to actively fight excess fluid - companions of gastronomic joys that await you on vacation.

Summer essentials from Desheli's Diamond Treasures Skin Glory set

- Absolute Refinement Rice&Rose Scrub Body Scrub includes natural extracts of pomegranate, green tea leaf, ginger root, and grains of Dead Sea s alt.

- Shower Gel Ultra Moist Shower Lotion. You will be surprised how soft and silky your skin will become.

- Body Butter Deep-softening Body Butter. This remedy is enriched with jojoba, papaya, coconut, olive oils. They create an invisible film on the surface of the skin that prevents moisture loss, while vitamin E neutralizes the action of free radicals that cause premature skin aging.

- Cellulite Body Contour Gel. Due to the complex effect of the components, it significantly improves the tone and elasticity of the skin, reduces the appearance of "orange peel".

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