Family lunch menu in the country

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Family lunch menu in the country
Family lunch menu in the country

Long days, warm evenings, berries on the branches, greens at hand. Let's lay a table outside on the weekend and gather friends for delicious gatherings!

Family lunch menu at the cottage
Family lunch menu at the cottage

Summer menu

When compiling it, focus on those products that are now at the peak of the season, the most useful and fresh. In July, these are cucumbers, the first ground tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, berries.


In summer, cold cuts as an appetizer will not please anyone. How about vegetable carpaccio - the thinnest slices of raw vegetables (beets, daikon, turnips, radishes) lightly marinated in fragrant oil and citrus juice?


For fresh vegetables, prepare a simple green dip sauce with cheese, kefir or yogurt. For example, tzatziki or simple homemade mayonnaise with herbs (see the recipe on our website). Cook in small amounts so that the sauce does not need to be stored. Serve with fresh vegetable slices.


Cook syrup from berries, strain, pour into a bottle, put in the refrigerator. Dilute with sparkling water - you get a quick lemonade. For hot days, keep fragrant water in the refrigerator: add mint, thyme, raspberries and strawberries to a pitcher.

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