Life hacks for those who don't like ironing

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Life hacks for those who don't like ironing
Life hacks for those who don't like ironing

What are you doing wrong after washing clothes?

7 tips for those who don't like ironing
7 tips for those who don't like ironing

You must have heard the phrase: “You do not wash, but the machine!”

Only those who do not face this process every day can say that. After all, first you need to sort things out by removing them from the laundry basket, look through and prepare them for washing, treat stains. Then wash, take it out of the drum again and hang it up. Remove, put aside what needs to be ironed, remove what does not need to be ironed, take something to the nursery and put everything on the shelves. The process no longer seems so easy and insignificant. It takes a lot of time, and if you don't want to waste it, use our tips. They will help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Mistake 1

Leave things in the washing machine for a long time after washing

You must take them out immediately, otherwise the clothes will be wrinkled and difficult to iron. If you are a busy person and do not have the opportunity to immediately hang clothes after washing, use the useful functions of washing machines. Select the "easy ironing" mode. The machine in this case eliminates the intermediate spin, and adds more water during the rinse, which minimizes the formation of wrinkles on the fabric. Use the Delay Start program to have the machine wash your laundry by the time you get back from work. And don't overload the drum. The laundry will not only wrinkle more, but may also tear and deform.

Mistake 2

Do not shake or straighten clothes

Before putting clothes on the shelves, shake them well, straighten frills and other trimmings. So things fit more evenly, and therefore less wrinkle in piles. Towels, for example, will be fluffier.

Mistake 3

Ignore fabric type

Basic rule: clothes made of light fabrics, silk, nylon, polyester, as well as things of complex cut, should be hung on hangers. Knitwear and sweaters fold easily and won't wrinkle, so you can fold them.

Mistake 4

Fold bras in half

If you put one cup of a bra into another, this leads to deformation and knocks down the filler. Lay them flat in a row, close to each other, as they do on the shelves in lingerie stores.

Mistake 5

Twist socks into a ball

This method deforms the elastic fabric and stretches the elastic bands of the socks. It is more correct to lay them together, bending in half.

Mistake 6

Ignore style

Each item is unique, so before you fold it, consider where the fold will go. For example: if you fold a thin wool sweater or jacket in half lengthwise, the fold will lie right in the center. A similar situation will be repeated with classic trousers. It is better to hang them on special hangers with clothespins, fastening them to the belt or bottom edge.

Mistake 7

Store folded sweaters on top shelves

You try to reach for a sweater on the top shelf and the whole stack falls to the floor. Familiar scenario? Lay your clothes lower so you can hold the stack with your free hand as you pull out the right item. It is better to put away seasonal clothes on the upper shelves by placing them in boxes, spare pillows, blankets, blankets or guest bedding sets.

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