Maxim Vitorgan came up with a new flash mob

Maxim Vitorgan came up with a new flash mob
Maxim Vitorgan came up with a new flash mob

In the social network Instagram, a new popular flash mob is “15 seconds of poetry”. Over 2,000 people took part in the first week! Join now!

Maxim Vitorgan came up with a new flash mob
Maxim Vitorgan came up with a new flash mob

Before the passion for the flash mob with pouring ice water had subsided, another video campaign - “15seconds poems”. became a hit on the social network Instagram

The action was invented by the famous theater and film actor Maxim Vitorgan. "Friends! Join now! Put hashtags "15secondspoems", indicate authorship! And may the power of the word be with you! - called on his subscribers, online friends and just netizens Maxim Vitorgan.

Why only 15 seconds? - you ask. Because only such timing can be published videos on the social network Instagram.

And since Makism Vitorgan came up with and started first, he has the floor. The very first video in the promotion.

Well, then videos with the hashtag 15seconds of verses began to be published by users daily, hourly. Many popular actors, performers, journalists joined the poetic flash mob…

Dima Bilan read Yesenin "Let you be drunk by others…". How much did. In 15 seconds.

Alexander Gradsky - Nikolai Gumilyov “I don’t have flowers…” (The video was filmed and posted on his page by Dima Bmilan - the fact is that the third season of the Voice ", so Bilan and Gradsky again spend a lot of time together.)

Alexander Oleshko quoted M. Yu. Lermontov: “I'm crazy! You are right, right!”

Russian athlete Amina Zaripova filmed her husband, Alexey Kortnev, who read Zabolotsky's poems "The signs of the zodiac fade."

Actress Nadezhda Mikhalkova remembered Pushkin's lines: "If life deceives you, Do not be sad, do not be angry! Humble yourself on the day of despondency: The day of fun, believe, will come."

A week after the start of the promotion, more than 2200 video messages with the hashtag "15secondspoems" have already been posted! Participated in the flash mob and wife of Maxim Vitorgan - journalist, columnist, radio host Ksenia Sobchak. She commented as follows: "I decided to join my husband's wonderful marathon - put the hashtag15 seconds of poems and read your favorite poems. I just remembered Polozkova, especially since I had just been to her concert in Odessa."

And most importantly, ordinary people, users of the Instagram social network take part in the action: girls, boys, women, men, children and teenagers. They read poetry at home, on the street, in the shower, in the rain, on the river bank, in the garden, at the dacha, in the car, on the train, on the go, lying down, sitting, in the dark and at dawn … They read such good poems! Maxim Vitorgan came up with a good action! Thank you!

To be continued!

Photos and videos: archive "DO", personal pages of stars in Instagram

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