Ekaterina Volkova: "I believe in fate"

Ekaterina Volkova: "I believe in fate"
Ekaterina Volkova: "I believe in fate"

Actress Ekaterina Volkova told how her own family differs from the Voronins.

Ekaterina Volkova: "I believe in fate"

Viewers know actress Ekaterina Volkova for her role as Vera in the Voronina sitcom, new episodes of which can be seen on the STS channel this fall. Ekaterina told DO about how her own family differs from the Voronins

BEFORE: Ekaterina, when you started acting in The Voronins, did you have any experience of family life?

EB: Of course, I had the experience of living together with a man, but still, my heroine's family already has children, so relationships are in the foreground in the series with father-in-law and mother-in-law. I really didn't have that. Vera has three children, her husband - one might say - the fourth child, and even her husband's brother. She is all in life! I would never be able to sit at home all the time. Of course, I also have the mood to cook and clean something, but so far I know that I can’t put my life on the family hearth.

BEFORE: Can you put your life on children?

EB: Tough question. Maybe I'll try to combine everything. The fact is that my mother literally laid her life on the children - on me and on my brother. She never worked and I saw how hard it was. When you spend all day babysitting, cleaning, ironing and cooking, it is not appreciated. The man takes it for granted. And you have the same thing every day - it's crazy work! I bow to my mother, but I can hardly do it myself. A recent example: for last New Year we were given a month of vacation. On the first day I cleaned the house, on the second day I cleaned it, on the third day too, but my patience was not enough for more. After all, everything gets dirty every day! You need to get away from everyday problems. In a word, I am in favor of combining everything - work, children, and home. The main thing is to have enough strength. And I have no doubt that I have enough of them.

BEFORE: Are you trying on the Voronins relationship for yourself?

EB: Of course I try it on. Sometimes it happens that we leave the set and Anna Vasilievna Frolovtseva, who plays my mother-in-law, says: “How I hate myself!” And during filming, we hate her too. But in real life she is a completely different person. We talked about this many times with Yegor Dronov (he plays my husband) and with Stas Duzhnikov. And everyone agrees: God forbid such a family! This is crazy!

BEFORE: What do you think is the main problem of the Voronins?

EB: Everyone has their own claims, everyone knows what to do. And there is nothing worse than when parents interfere in the lives of young people. Sometimes they write to me: “You live in such a crazy family only in the cinema, but I have it behind the wall. How happy you are!” Moreover, I received such letters more than once. Once the girl wrote: “I tried to use your advice - somewhere to ignore the mother-in-law, somewhere to smile sweetly. But she sees all this and deliberately mocks me!” Still, you need to live separately from your parents. It is clear that, by and large, the relationship of the spouses remains the same as many years ago, just generations are changing. The previous generation had some problems, we have completely different ones. I remember how my grandmother felt about raising children. This is impossible, do not go there, in any case do not take the child to work, kindergarten is a horror. Now parents perceive everything much easier. Firstly, our grandmothers are now working or want to live for themselves. And you can’t do without kindergartens and nannies. I grew up with my grandmother. She was a kindergarten teacher and took full care of me. My mother now says: “When you have children, I agree to sit with them, but not like my mother!” But I am sure that when she has grandchildren, she will change her mind.

BEFORE: How is your relationship with your husband's parents?

EB: Great!

BEFORE: How far apart do you live?

EB: Andryushin's mother lives in Korolev, and we live in Moscow. Whenever possible, we cross paths and meet. I would love to live in Korolev, the air is much better there, but it is very difficult to get to work. Olya, Andrey's mother, is very young and modern. He tells us: “Come, it will be fun!” But spending 3 hours every day on a one-way trip is too much. Recently, Andrey's sister gave birth to a girl, and Olya is now completely immersed in raising her granddaughter.

Andrey and my parents also have a good relationship. We do not saw each other and do not offend. We don't have the same problems as in the show, and I hope we never will. We will learn from the mistakes of the Voronins.

BEFORE: What did you learn from them?

EB: They clash all the time. Kostya is initially on the side of his mother, but when Vera gives a thrashing, he immediately takes the side of Vera. Forever this balcony! Close the balcony - parents through the door, close the door - they are through the balcony. Like cockroaches!

BEFORE: You seem to take the problems of the Voronin family very personally…

EB: That's right, we got used to screen images. We come to the set: “So, what do we have today? Are we interfering with each other's lives again?”

BEFORE: Do you think you are lucky?

EB: I don't mean to jinx it, but I guess so. Each person sets a specific goal, and so far my desires come true. I am gradually moving forward in the profession. I met a man with whom I feel like behind a stone wall. Mom told me that the children who were born in the film are very happy, they say about them that they were born in a shirt. I was just born in such a film. Maybe I set myself up that way. After all, it is only what you believe in! I went to audition for the Voronins for almost a year. But I believe that what is destined will surely come, there is a time for everything.

BEFORE: Did you have unusual female fates in your family?

EB: The most important thing is that women in our family have happy lives. Mom's mother devoted herself to the family, raised children, and then grandchildren, lived a long and happy life. My mother is definitely happy: now her children have grown up, and she spends a lot of time with her dad. She has a beloved and loving husband, adult independent children.

BEFORE: So rare are couples who, after many years of marriage, live in love and harmony

EB: Indeed, now there is such a trend: people disperse. God forbid! My parents will celebrate 30 years together next year.

BEFORE: Can you say that you have before your eyes an example of an ideal relationship?

EB: That's right! Of course, parents also have their little things, but they really love each other, appreciate, care for and cherish. I see. They devoted so much time to children and work that now they want to be alone. I think everyone lives their own happy life. Flaws can be found in any family and in any destiny. The main thing is to believe in the best, and life is really getting better.

BEFORE: We heard a romantic story that Andrei proposed to you in Paris on your birthday. Is this true?

EB: It was like that! Andrei is a romantic, he loves to surprise me. When he invited me to celebrate my birthday in Paris, that in itself was very nice. And getting a marriage proposal in Paris, the city of love, is just a fairy tale! There is really a special atmosphere, love is in the air, all the best and most beautiful is born. Although, frankly, I do not have the feeling that we got married. Nothing has changed in our relationship!

BEFORE: What about household chores?

EB: And we don't have any domestic worries yet. I leave home early in the morning and return at 9-10 o'clock. We usually eat at home. Andrey can wash and iron himself. I sometimes worry that I don’t have time to do something for my husband, but he also reassures me: “Yes, relax, I can do everything myself!” But I have before my eyes an example of mom and dad, and mom, after all, washed all the clothes for dad, ironed and hung them in the closet. I remember how dad even approached mom and said: “What should I wear?” - "So you have a bunch of T-shirts in your closet" - "But which one should I wear?" Everything is different with us, we both work, Andrey is a great cook, sometimes he also feeds me. It seems to me that everyday difficulties can ruin everything, and I want to stay away from them as long as possible. Problems arise when a husband is at work every day, and a woman is within four walls. Last year I had a break for a month, Andryukha has just a few projects at once. Dancing with the Stars began, where he was a partner with Maria Semkina, with whom he spent a lot of time. And I was already starting to get angry: “Are you going to Semkina again? Who will dance with me?”

BEFORE: With the beginning of family life, the romance did not decrease?

EB: No, of course not. But it's not even about romance, but about attitude. Somehow, in the summer heat, I go into the dressing room, and there are flowers on the table and a note that there is ice cream in the refrigerator for the entire film crew. I don't know if he was passing by or made a detour on purpose, but either way he wanted to please me. These little things add up to a lot. Or he says: “Are you going to go to the store and carry packages there? That's what a man is for!" It used to be different: “You have a car, are you too lazy to go?” Andrei does not treat me consumeristically. It's so nice!

DO: Isn't there anything you don't like about it?

EB: He is sometimes forgetful. Andrei does not want to get hung up on where he needs to be and what time, because he has a diary in which he can write down all the meetings. But it happens that he forgets to write down the meeting in the diary … For this there is me: I have one hemisphere - for my schedule, and the second - for Andrey's schedule. But these are trifles! It’s not always easy with me either: I can be capricious, boring, sometimes I want to cry to be pitied. We are just starting to live together, maybe there will be surprises.


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