Decoupage: mastering the technique

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Decoupage: mastering the technique
Decoupage: mastering the technique

There is no object from which it would be impossible to create an author's masterpiece using the decoupage technique.

Decoupage: mastering the technique

Decoupage for beginners

If you decide to seriously master the decoupage technique, the Home Hearth Institute master class is a practical training that you need to attend. At the lessons of Tatiana Lapteva, you will not only be privy to all the secrets of decoupage technique. The master class is an opportunity to gain practical experience in decoupage under the guidance of a professional, as well as learn how to combine decoupage technique with other decoration methods.

What do you need for decoupage?

Decoupage napkins and decoupage cards are available in handmade stores. Ordinary table napkins are made of thicker paper than special decoupage napkins, but in general they are no worse. The basic set, in addition to a decoupage napkin or a decoupage card, includes decoupage glue, glue brush, scissors and varnish (acrylic or textile - if decoupage will be done on fabric).

Decoupage is a technique used for decorating both small and large objects. Decoupage on wood is considered the most traditional trend in decoupage technique, invented by the Chinese, who decorate furniture for we althy nobility with the help of applications. Today, furniture decoupage is a luxury that anyone, not at all royal people, can afford. Acrylic paints, glue, varnish, bottles or any other glass containers, decoupage napkins - and you can start decoupage glass, that is, the manufacture of exquisite vases and decanters.

In the decoupage technique for beginners, you will learn how to treat the surface with a degreaser, cover with paints and craquelure varnish that creates an antique effect, apply paper images and re-cover an already finished drawing with acrylic varnish - decoupage on glass is really a simple technique, unless, of course, you are aware of its nuances. Glass decoupage is also used to create souvenirs - for example, plates. There is even a separate direction - bottle decoupage. Bottles decorated with decoupage step by step can be used both as independent decor elements and as containers for drinks.

What trends are there in decoupage technique?

There are several directions in decoupage technique - furniture decoupage, glass decoupage (including bottle decoupage), fabric decoupage, etc. For those who want to learn more about such a technique as decoupage, a master class is the best the decision to get acquainted with all its nuances in practice and see decoupage for beginners step by step.

Decoupage lessons for beginners

On the Domashniy Ochag website we publish materials about the decoupage technique, video tutorials and decoupage materials from the Domashniy Ochag magazine, for example, “Decoupage Fantasies” or “Decoupage of an Eggshell Box” from our reader Inna Zolotareva.

Where to learn decoupage step by step?

- At the Domashniy Ochag Institute we conduct decoupage workshops for beginners (if you are in Moscow)

- If you live in another city, enter in any search engine "decoupage technique for beginners master class" and the name of the city where you live.

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