Tuscany: a journey with taste

Tuscany: a journey with taste
Tuscany: a journey with taste

Italy is an amazing country, suitable for any tourist. If you plan to get acquainted with history - you are in Rome. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of romance, do it in Venice. Dreaming of a relaxing holiday - welcome to Tuscany!

Tuscany: a trip in style
Tuscany: a trip in style

Revived canvases

Tuscany is, without exaggeration, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. People come here for the sake of Florence and Siena, olive and grape groves, sunsets against the backdrop of picturesque fields (lavender, poppies, sunflowers!), mild climate and smooth flow of time. It is not customary to fuss and run here, here you want to stop, look around and admire the beauty of the moment. Tuscany is ideal for ecotourism and better than other regions of Italy in accordance with the philosophy of "slow rest".

Resting slowly by today's standards is a luxury. But affordable and enjoyable! When you wait with a smile for the owner of the farm to prepare an organic lunch, and eat it with taste, slowly, of course. Or when you take a sip of Tuscan wine and catch the smallest shades of taste. Or when you take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. And if you decide to take a train ride to open up new horizons, then you assume that the trip will be - right! - measured.

To the sound of wheels

The ultimate slow-relax vehicle in Tuscany is the retro train from Siena. The train, indeed, an old, steam engine is a clear confirmation of this. The maximum speed is a little more than a bicycle. The carriages in the composition are antique, with many doors, and each passenger can enter and exit through his own door.

The train follows the historic railway (Val d'Orcia), which began operation in 1872. Since last year, it has been reopened for tourist travel. The routes of the retro train run through the picturesque valley of Val d'Orcia (Val d'Orcia). Gradually passing fields, meadows, vineyards, castles, churches and olive groves, the train makes stops in the village of Aschiano and the town of Montalcino (where the famous red "Montalcino" is produced).

The trip lasts from 20 minutes to three hours. Ticket price - 29 euros, children under 10 years old - free of charge.

Slow means deliberate

The retro steam travel initiative belongs to the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism in partnership with the National Tourism Agency. The main idea is to show tourists all the authentic beauty and flavor of Tuscany. And also, as it seems to us, we should all be reminded of the main thing: technology, gadgets and high speeds are, undoubtedly, the realities of today. But life is made up of little things, and in order to notice them, taste them and fully enjoy them, you need to slow down. At least during the holidays!

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