21 steps to happiness and he alth

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21 steps to happiness and he alth
21 steps to happiness and he alth

In summer, each of us wants to enjoy happiness, warmth and harmony. The tips we've compiled really work, and most of them won't cost you a dime to implement.

21 steps to happiness and he alth
21 steps to happiness and he alth

1. A day without worries

Take a day off and plan absolutely nothing - spend time alone with yourself. You might want to go to nature or walk around the city, or just sit on a park bench while reading a book. Take these breaks at least once every three months.

2. Movie ticket

And don't be afraid to choose melodramas, during which half the audience is crying uncontrollably. Psychologists are sure that it is sad films that give us the opportunity to feel happy and appreciate what we have.

3. A box of chocolates and a bunch of spinach

We all know that chocolate increases the production of serotonin in the brain, giving a delicious feeling of joy and contentment. No wonder the hand itself reaches for a box of chocolates when we are sad. Indeed, chocolate improves mood. But spinach causes the same effect, and you can eat it much more, and without any harm to the figure. The fact is that spinach is rich in vitamin B, which also activates the secretion of serotonin.

4. Sounds of Nature App

Choose from dozens of songs the one you like the most: birdsong, the sound of the surf or the mysterious sounds of the night forest. And when you feel that the tension is going through the roof, find a secluded corner, turn on your favorite application and try to relax every muscle, every cell of the body. Imagine that you were transported to the ocean or to the real jungle. Imagine colors, smells, a slight breeze. Five minutes of this meditation is enough to reduce stress and improve your mood.

5. Dance & Karaoke Party

British psychologists have published the results of a new study: vigorous dancing to pleasant music makes us no less happy than an increase in salary. And while singing, the body produces a record amount of hormones of happiness - endorphins. Moreover, people who sing a lot and with pleasure are more likely than others to be satisfied with life (although the opposite effect is also possible - those who are satisfied with life sing more willingly). So invite your friends and start a fun holiday.

Are you embarrassed to sing and dance in public? Do it alone - the presence of the audience does not affect the production of endorphins.

6. Notepad on bedside table

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night because you mentally go over what you have planned for tomorrow? Before going to bed, meticulously write down everything that worries you in a notebook so that you don’t forget anything in the morning. And then make an effort and consciously switch to rest. People who get enough sleep feel happier, less nervous, and better able to deal with emergencies.

7. Meeting with a friend

From face-to-face meetings with friends we get twice as much pleasure than from talking on the phone or on social networks. What if there is no way to meet as often as you would like? Communicate via the Internet by connecting a camcorder. When you see a person's face during a conversation, we experience more positive emotions.

8. Sandbag

You must have read about the benefits of strength training. But admit it: until now, everything somehow didn’t work out to start classes - because you don’t have dumbbells, but you don’t want to go somewhere for them, besides, spending extra money is completely inopportune. The solution is simple - fill two small linen bags with sand. Hollywood gossip claims that Reese Witherspoon and Christina Aguilera keep fit thanks to sand training. On the plus side, you can easily adjust the load according to your own feelings and add or remove sand from the bag.

9. Regular jump rope

Do you think this is child's play that is not suitable for adults and serious women? Not at all! Jumping rope is a great aerobic exercise that will help you keep your heart he althy and stay fit. And if you buy a jump rope with a weighting agent, you can also strengthen your arm muscles. Start with a few 30-second workouts and gradually build up to 10 minutes of continuous jumping.

10. Cute lunchbox

Have you been planning to switch to proper nutrition and take he althy food from home to the office for a long time? To make your dreams come true, start by purchasing a few brightly colored containers that you can easily take with you.

Here's what to bring to work (we assume you had breakfast at home): 1 fruit for second breakfast, main course + vegetable salad for lunch, fruit + yogurt for afternoon snack. Be sure to plan he althy snacks (nuts, dried fruit, bran, cereal) so you don't have to run to the candy machine for chocolate and cookies.

11. Learning to Say NO

Give yourself permission to turn down invitations, offers, and assignments that don't seem interesting, enjoyable, or outside of your professional responsibility. Do not agree to bail out colleagues and acquaintances when help can cost you too much. Do not think that you are obliged to explain the refusal, do not make excuses. Smile, say: "Now it will not work, alas." And don't feel guilty!

12. Pedometer

Do you know what motivates women to move more? Information about how many steps you have already taken in a day. If you see a number of 9150 steps on the smartphone screen, you will really want to take 850 more to complete the daily norm. Install a pedometer on your phone, while paying attention to the fact that the program distinguishes between walking, running and cycling. In each case, the calorie consumption will be different!

13. Carving set

This device will give you the opportunity to cut any vegetables figuredly. Zucchini plates, cucumber spirals, pepper circles will decorate any dish and make it less caloric. Nutritionist Tip: Slice the zucchini into long spaghetti-like strips and mix with cooked pasta in a 1:1 ratio. Add a scoop of pesto and you're done with a delicious diet meal.

14. Five-minute walk every hour

Sedentary work creates a serious burden on the circulatory system and provokes varicose veins. But 5 minutes of movement every hour will help compensate for the harm that forced immobility causes to he alth. If you can take a break from work, walk down the hallway, up a couple of flights of stairs. Instead of using e-mail, stop by the office next door to talk to colleagues in person. If you literally can't stop for a minute, at least get up when you're talking on a landline. And when you answer calls on your mobile, walk down the hallway. If you don't even have time to leave your desk, lift your feet off the floor and do a few scissor movements under the table.

15. Lavender oil

The scent of lavender is a great stress reliever. If you feel that you are no longer able to contain your emotions, apply one drop of lavender essential oil to the palm of your hand, rub your hands to warm the skin. Then bring your palms up to your nose and take a few deep breaths. To lift your spirits, use any citrus oil, and if there are a lot of colds around, try the scent of juniper.

16. Fruit smoothies

Summer stores finally have local vegetables and fruits that are not stored for months in anticipation of the buyer and are not treated with chemicals to increase the shelf life. Juice freshly squeezed early apples, make smoothies from garden berries and take vitamins to restore your body.

17. Ergonomic workplace

Check if your computer is installed correctly - it depends on how quickly you will get tired during work. So, the center of the monitor should be exactly at eye level, the keyboard just below elbow level, your wrist doesn't strain when you pick up the mouse, and the chair provides support for your lower back. All this will not only increase productivity, but also save you headaches and back pain.

18. Frozen berries

Drinking freshly squeezed juice is great, but how many of us have 20 minutes in the morning to peel and cut fruit, squeeze it, and then clean the juicer? We offer a faster option. Mix natural yogurt and any frozen berries in a blender (strawberries, blueberries, currants, raspberries are suitable). A very tasty and he althy breakfast or afternoon snack can be served on the table!

19. A few seconds to talk

Scientists from the University of Chicago say office workers who engage in short conversations with strangers on their way to work feel happier all day long. Please note: we mean friendly conversations. A compliment “great shoes” received on the subway can completely change the mood for the whole day - this applies equally to the author of the compliment and its recipient.

20. Dinner without smartphone

Do you enjoy posting pictures of the appetizing foods you are currently eating on social media? Give up this bad habit. Experts are sure that this prevents you from enjoying the taste of products and eventually leads to overeating. Put down your phone and tablet, grab a plug and live here and now! Focus on the taste, the aroma, the texture of the food, and chances are you won't need a second serving of dessert to feel happy!

21. Gratitude Time

All psychologists agree on one thing: what makes a person really happy is the ability to appreciate what he has and enjoy every little thing. To make your outlook on life more positive, small changes are enough. Every night before going to bed, remember how the day went and focus on pleasant moments for which you can be grateful.

Your daughter snuggled up to you and said that you are the most beautiful mother in the world? Did your husband enjoy dinner? A fabulously round moon shines through the window, and the sky is strewn with bright stars? For all this it is worth saying “thank you” to fate. And don't forget that a positive attitude boosts the immune system, rejuvenates our body's cells, and even helps us deal with physical pain.

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