6 folk beauty recipes: myth or fact?

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6 folk beauty recipes: myth or fact?
6 folk beauty recipes: myth or fact?

Disputes around folk beauty recipes do not subside: a friend says that only sleeping on her back helped her get rid of wrinkles, and cosmetologists say that professional cosmetics will be much more effective. Whom to believe? Six popular beauty tips are being tested for truth.

6 folk beauty recipes: myth or fact?
6 folk beauty recipes: myth or fact?

Alena Averkina, beauty blogger www.little-beatle.com

1. Toothpaste Helps Reduce Acne - FACT

This classic tip really helps with small pimples. The secret is that toothpaste usually contains alcohol, which dries up inflammation and reduces redness and swelling. A drop of paste should be applied to clean skin - directly on the inflammation - and left for several hours.

But be careful - this advice can do more harm than good. If the pimple is painful and deep, then an attempt to dry it can lead to serious consequences: prolonged inflammation, peeling, and as a result, a red spot or even a scar.

2. Hairspray fixes makeup in place - BAD FACT

Hairspray really does hold makeup in place and is a trick often used by dancers who are forced to work up a sweat on stage. But in everyday life, this advice will do you a lot of harm: nail polish contains harsh chemicals that can cause irritation and redness of the skin and, even worse, burn your eyes.

If you're worried about the durability of your makeup before the big event, then follow the safe advice of makeup artists: apply a base under your makeup and don't forget to set your foundation with translucent powder. Put a special makeup fixing spray in your purse and then the cosmetics will not be smeared even from hot dances.

3. Olive oil stimulates hair growth - MYTH

Dreaming of long luxurious hair, many women try any recipe, including wetting strands with olive oil. This advice is really good for hair he alth, but does not affect hair growth.

4. Cucumber slices eliminate swelling under the eyes - FACT

Probably the most popular folk recipe is to put cucumber slices on your eyes to relieve morning swelling. And this advice really works: any cold object (cucumber, tea bag, even a spoon) shrinks blood vessels under the skin, reducing puffiness in the eyelids.

5. Cold showers make hair shiny - FACT

Beauty requires sacrifice: sometimes it is worth enduring a cold shower to get a mane of shiny hair. Cold water closes the hair cuticle, which strengthens the strands and makes them less susceptible to aggressive environmental conditions.

After taking a shower, rinse your hair with cold water for 10-20 seconds, and then dry it naturally: hot blow-drying dries and damages the strands, negating the resulting shine of the hair.

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