Domestos helps kids overcome fears of hospitals

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Domestos helps kids overcome fears of hospitals
Domestos helps kids overcome fears of hospitals

Unilever's Domestos brand is holding an all-Russian charity campaign "Children's hospitals under the protection of Domestos".

Domestos helps children cope with hospital fears

It's no secret that children are afraid of many things: thunder, dogs, cats, darkness, heights, getting lost or… left alone. And fears are especially acute in children who are undergoing a long course of treatment in hospitals: there are strangers around, parents are far away, a completely unfamiliar environment. It is not surprising that even the most familiar objects can seem intimidating to small patients. And for a quick recovery, not only the right treatment is so necessary, but also a comfortable environment!

Support children undergoing a long course of treatment and rehabilitation, making their stay in the hospital more comfortable and enjoyable, decided the Domestos brand, announcing the start of the all-Russian charity campaign "Children's hospitals under the protection of Domestos ". The campaign is being held for the second time - according to the results of 2014, the Children's Clinical Hospital No. 11 in Yekaterinburg has already received 3,000,000 rubles for repairs. By the way, work is already underway and will be completed in September 2015.

“On behalf of the whole team of Children's Clinical Hospital No. 11, I want to thank the Domestos brand for their invaluable contribution to creating a truly comfortable and cozy environment for our little patients. Having learned about the campaign, employees, children and their parents began to actively vote for the hospital. Soon their friends and relatives joined in. Information about the project spread throughout the city. After the announcement of the results of the voting, there was no limit to the joy, - notes the Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Work of the Children's Clinical Hospital No. 11, Sokolova Anna Sergeevna. - The proceeds will be used to carry out repairs in such common areas as the corridor, pantry, treatment room and toilets. And a year's supply of Domestos helps us keep hospital departments sparkling clean. Thank you for your kind deed and sensitivity to children in need.”

This year the goal of the action is to help the Pediatric Department No. 3 of the Clinic of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education of St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University in St. Petersburg. In this department there are children suffering from severe chronic rheumatological diseases, and in total about 2,500 patients are examined and treated here annually, of which 40-45% are non-resident patients whose parents cannot visit them often.

From June 15 to July 31, 2015, everyone will be able to support the Domestos charity event and contribute to the fight against children's fears - you just need to go to the website www. and share the news about participation in the project on social networks. Repairs to all toilets in Pediatric Department No. 3 will begin in August 2015 and will be completed at the same time as work at the hospital in Yekaterinburg.

It is noteworthy that as a result of the action, not only will the toilets be renovated and improved throughout the department, but a truly comfortable environment will be created, thanks to the placement of bright and funny paintings by the famous illustrator Phil Dunsky in them. Shortly before the start of the action, the artist posted a series of pictures on his social networks on the topic: children's fears and overcoming them. He took all the images from his childhood memories. “As a child, I myself was in hospital more than once. I still remember all these unpleasant sensations and a sense of fear, - says Phil. - Therefore, I had no doubts when I was offered to support the action. I ask everyone and everyone to take part in it. After all, the future of our children depends on us.” In support of the project, Phil Dunsky allowed the Domestos brand to post all illustrations on the promotion website.

It's very easy to help children not be afraid to stay in the hospital - share the news about the start of repairs in your social networks. And Domestos will protect children and help them cope with fears where there are no mothers around!

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