Thinking out loud: Tutta Larsen

Thinking out loud: Tutta Larsen
Thinking out loud: Tutta Larsen

TV presenter recently became a mother for the third time. While waiting for her son, she launched a big project TUTTA. TV.

Thinking Out Loud: Tutta Larsen
Thinking Out Loud: Tutta Larsen

BE A MOTHER… is God's blessing.

I WOULD PLAY IN A MOVIE… Moominmama in the adaptation of the fairy tale about Moomin. She is perfect. In general, real cinema is professionalism. I failed several auditions for decent roles and realized that being an actress is a lot of work and talent, you need to learn this. I am a good viewer and there is no reason to become a bad actress.

MALE STAR All the men I like in the creative process should stay there. In no case should you get acquainted with the stars whose talent you are fascinated with - let them remain an image, a mystery. Why should I know them for real - with all the whims, phobias and sins?


MY LOVE… keeps growing, maturing and developing.

ONLY NOW… realized that the solution to all problems and conflicts must begin with yourself.

I LOVE…knitting and I am great at it. But, alas, there is absolutely no time for this.


ONE TIME I DARE… and sing on the kliros.

WILL NEVER… argue about politics and generally engage in public activities that I am not a professional in.

WHEN I'M TIRED, I… demand a heel massage, a glass of wine and plenty of sleep.

MY TUTTA PROJECT. TV… this is almost my baby. For the first time in my life, I do not depend on anyone and have the opportunity to do what I consider necessary and useful - without regard to formats, ratings and other television horror films. This is a subjective television, we plan to dedicate it to the theme of motherhood and childhood and we want to create it together with our viewers. Join now! New episodes can be viewed every Wednesday on our website.

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