Rose for your beauty

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Rose for your beauty
Rose for your beauty

One of the most beautiful and noble flowers in the world, a rose can also bring practical benefits. Thanks to its anti-aging and soothing properties, it has long been an ingredient in cosmetics, and its color is the most popular shade in makeup.

Rose for your beauty
Rose for your beauty

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For centuries, rose water has been used as a refreshing tonic and fragrance. In the 10th century, when the production of rose oil began in Central Asia, it became the main means of skin care for the face and body. Rose, which has a powerful regenerating and rejuvenating effect, is widely used in cosmetology to this day.

1000 Unopened Granville Rose buds are required for one bottle of Prestige Dior Night Nectar. This flower is very resilient - it grows in harsh conditions and is able to self-repair. The Granville rose has the same effect on the skin.

20000 new varieties of roses were obtained by crossing different varieties, among them a rose called La Rose Lancôme. This rose is not only the emblem of the brand: it received the "French" name for its unique properties - increased vitality and endurance. La Rose Lancôme is grown only by order in the Chateau de la Loire region of France, only one season a year in an open area, limited to several thousand flowers per year.

5000 euro is the price per kilogram of Bulgarian rose oil.

The popularity of pink blush, lipsticks and glosses is understandable - natural shades always look natural and harmonious on the face. How to find your perfect pink, says Yuri Stolyarov, official makeup artist for Maybelline NY in Russia:

  1. First of all, you should determine your color type. For skin of a cold shade (olive, ash or porcelain), cold shades of lipstick are ideal - fuchsia, pink-lilac, pale pink.
  2. Warm-toned skin goes well with lipsticks with pink or golden peach undertones, as well as shades from warm colors (peach pink, coral pink).
  3. If you prefer intense color on your lips, choose a pure shade of pink. By the way, it is suitable for any type of skin. Don't be afraid of pink in your eye makeup! To avoid the effect of sore eyes, always complement the pink shade with a clear line - apply eyeliner or thickly paint over the roots of the eyelashes.

[GPAGE_V]Note[/GPAGE_V] In one make-up feel free to combine different shades within the same color palette. For example, golden-pink eye makeup goes well with cold pink-lilac lipstick. But, when you make a hot pink accent on the lips, give up blush in favor of sculpting products - powder and highlighter. [/PAGED_GALLERY]

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