Top Secret: Home Cleaning Revolution

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Top Secret: Home Cleaning Revolution
Top Secret: Home Cleaning Revolution

A long-awaited novelty has entered the Russian market that can make a real revolution in cleaning - a simple, easy-to-use, compact and powerful Karcher SC 1 steam cleaner. For all its merits, the model has another indisputable advantage - an affordable price.

Top Secret: A Revolution in Home Cleaning

Kärcher SC 1 is specially designed for small areas and is indispensable when it comes to periodic operational cleaning. While not larger than an ordinary electric kettle, it is quite capable of competing with larger steam cleaners in terms of functionality.

Despite its compact dimensions (320, 5x127, 4x185, 7 mm) and weight of 1.5 kg, the SC 1 is almost as powerful as the high-end models. The newly designed boiler provides high steam pressure (3 bar) and thanks to the 1200 W heater, the preparation time does not exceed 3 minutes.

This steam cleaner can easily clean grouts or faucets, mirrors, ceramic tiles and countertops. And most importantly, the power of hot steam contained in this convenient home device allows you to almost completely abandon the use of household chemicals, the harmful effects of which are especially susceptible to small children and allergy sufferers. In addition, according to research conducted by an independent laboratory, when thoroughly cleaning hard surfaces, Kärcher steam cleaners eliminate 99.99% of common household bacteria. Is it possible to achieve this result with traditional cleaning methods?

Equipped with a 0.2 liter water boiler and a four-meter cable with a special clip, it takes up very little space. This means that it is convenient to store and can always be kept at hand - for example, in a kitchen cabinet. And all accessories to it will fit in a bag for accessories which is included in the package. Safety valve, alarm indicator and child lock ensure the highest standards of work safety.

Thanks to the universal connections, the SC 1 is compatible with all Kärcher steam cleaner accessories, which can be purchased as needed. The SC 1 comes standard with a spot nozzle, a terry cloth hand nozzle, a powerful nozzle and a black round brush.

Depending on the task, the SC 1 is equipped with different options. For example, the Floor Kit has been developed for mopping floors, which includes a Classic floor nozzle with a microfiber cloth, which will help you turn the device into a steam mop in one motion.

While futurologists are scratching their heads over what our future will look like, it is already knocking at the door. Take a step towards him to enjoy perfect cleanliness without spending too much time and effort on cleaning!

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