Crop top: pros and cons on the examples of stars

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Crop top: pros and cons on the examples of stars
Crop top: pros and cons on the examples of stars

Crop tops at the peak of popularity. But they are very insidious - they can change the proportions of the figure for the worse or make the whole image vulgar as a whole. To prevent this from happening, you should carefully select the details of the outfit with a crop top.

Crop top: pros and cons on the examples of stars
Crop top: pros and cons on the examples of stars

How to wear a crop top

First of all, don't show too much body. If you already open the stomach - let the neckline be closed. As a last resort, drape a jacket over your shoulders.

Secondly, high-waisted trousers or a skirt are a great tandem with a cropped top. They give the image not aggressive, but restrained sexuality.

Third, evaluate all your strengths and weaknesses. Contrary to popular belief, a crop top can afford a girl with any figure. The main question is what will be added to it?

Let's look at the successful and unsuccessful images of stars with a crop top, because it is better to learn from the mistakes of others.

Crop-top: successful images of stars


Despite the fact that both the skirt and the top are mini, Riana looks very cute and elegant. The secret lies in the pastel colors of the set and the soft fluffy texture of the angora.

Rita Ora

The singer is on the verge of being acceptable, because her stomach is almost completely open. The fact that the top has a shallow neckline saves the image, and the pantsuit ennobles the fashion trend.

Nicole Richie

A floor-length skirt with a high waistband looks less pretentious thanks to a cropped top. In addition, such a shift in proportions visually makes the miniature Nicole look taller.

Candice Swanepoel

Ripped jeans, an asymmetrical crop top, a sweater tied at the hips, rough shoes all fit into the grunge style popular in the 90s and now experiencing a rebirth.

Zoe Soldana

Despite the cropped length, the top looks modest enough thanks to the neutral color and moderate neckline. The actress complemented it with a pleated skirt, from which the image became truly sophisticated and feminine.

Unfortunate images of stars

Crop Top: Unfortunate Star Looks

Kim Kardashian

This girl popularized the combination of crop top and pencil skirt. But this set let the fashionista down. Crop top, peplum on the skirt - too many accents on the imperfect waist.

Brooklyn Dekker

The set cannot be called successful, because a cropped top and high over the knee boots “cut” the figure into three parts. One gets the feeling that the skirt in this image exists by itself. The situation could be corrected by wearing shoes and medium density black tights.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding nude. Beige mesh crop top looks too provocative. To wear such a model, you should choose an appropriate background for it. For example, a T-shirt or a sheath dress. It is not recommended to wear such things on a naked body.

Katy Perry

This outfit is what you need for a summer party by the water. But you should not go beyond the beach in this form. For city life, it's better to "break" the set and find new, calmer companions in a skirt with a top.

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