Cat in the country - risk and danger

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Cat in the country - risk and danger
Cat in the country - risk and danger

Help the animal adapt outside the city.

Cat in the country: what does she risk?
Cat in the country: what does she risk?


Cats are very aggressive about border violations. In the case when you bring a domestic cat to a territory where there are "authorities", it is he who becomes the violator.

WHAT TO DO? A collision is imminent. Even skirmishes and fights. Your pet needs to experience such an experience in order to understand where the danger is and where the salvation from it is. Make sure that the cat does not stay outside at night, try to lure him into the house early and not let him out in the evening. Yes, in the country you can do without a cat litter box, but still put it on so as not to leave your pet a reason to run out into the street.


Domestic cat does not understand what danger threatens her. Unfortunately, even in the quietest summer cottages, such inexperienced animals die under the wheels of cars.

WHAT TO DO? When you are about to leave the parking lot, look under the wheels of your own car to see if your cat is hiding there from the heat. In the first week, while the pet is exploring the territory, often call him to you so that he understands where you are. If your fence borders a road, stretch the net at the bottom so that the cat cannot run out unhindered in that direction.


Of course, in nature, the instinct of a hunter wakes up in all four-legged animals. And the biggest danger here is to catch easy prey, for example, a mouse that has eaten poisonous bait.

WHAT TO DO? Ask nearby neighbors if they use rodent poison to know for sure if there is a danger. Monitor your pet's condition. For signs of poisoning (dilated pupils, pale mucous membranes, painful abdomen, weakness, diarrhea), if the cat is breathing normally, try to induce vomiting (½ cup of s alt water inside) and take the pet to a veterinary clinic.

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