7 ways to use candles in the interior

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7 ways to use candles in the interior
7 ways to use candles in the interior

Several beautiful ideas for using candles in the interior: you will definitely need at least one of them!

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One plus one

How to make one great accessory out of two useless things? Gather them into a group. Insert several colored or identical candles into candle holders (or empty bottles) and arrange them in a row on a mantelpiece, shelving unit, or chest of drawers.

Another option: buy non-blown glasses and make a small composition out of them. In summer, such candles can be taken out to the balcony in the evening if the mood is right.

Country decor

No electric lighting can replace the light of burning candles. Group the candles in the center of the table in the gazebo or on the veranda. Do not use open wicks outdoors, it is better to put candles in tall glasses or even ordinary jars.

The best fireplace decoration

If you really want to make a fireplace in the house, but there is no opportunity to build a real one with a wood-burning firebox, you should not opt ​​for the electric version. Better put a cozy portal and decorate it with thick candles of different heights.

Another idea is to place candles above the portal, on the mantelpiece

But do not hang art there, even if you rarely light candles, there is a risk of smoking glass. And, of course, candles can decorate a real fireplace, keeping the hearth fire alive.

Lighting the way

Garden lanterns have long been used in the interior, but instead of putting lanterns on a chest of drawers or a shelf, try decorating a staircase or a hallway in a country house with them.

And for open air and non-combustible wall coverings, a group of thick candles on the steps is suitable.

Candles instead of coasters

If you light candles very infrequently, use candlesticks with candles instead of coasters: you can place letter decor or photos in them.

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