Panchakarma, or cleansing the body in Indian style

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Panchakarma, or cleansing the body in Indian style
Panchakarma, or cleansing the body in Indian style

Just 10 years ago, only people who were immersed in yoga knew about panchakarma. Then even those who are far from oriental practices began to go to "purification to India" once a year. And in the last few years, one of the most popular Ayurvedic programs can be taken even in Russia - it is offered by many Ayurvedic clinics. What is panchakarma and why is it needed?

Panchakarma, or body cleansing in Indian style
Panchakarma, or body cleansing in Indian style

Our expert: Ayurvedic Doctor Unnikrishnan Thacharakkal, Atreya Ayurveda Ayurvedic Clinic

What is panchakarma?

Translated from Sanskrit, panchakarma means "five actions", or five stages of cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and pathogens. This Ayurvedic program can not only remove cellulite, tone the skin, improve digestion, but even cure chronic diseases. The most important thing is that panchakarma does not give a cosmetic effect, but affects the he alth of the whole organism: the metabolism returns to normal, and thanks to this, the skin condition improves and excess weight disappears.

How is the cleansing going?

Usually the program begins with internal oiling - this means that for several days you will drink ghee oil with herbs and spices in the morning, the composition of which the doctor selects individually. The amount of oil increases every day - of course, under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, at the first stage, strict nutritional rules must be observed: only rice, buckwheat and stewed vegetables are allowed, and you can drink warm water and tea. Do not be afraid of restrictions. Firstly, the oil itself is quite high in calories, and you are unlikely to experience a strong feeling of hunger. Secondly, after a couple of days the body begins to rebuild, and it becomes not difficult to follow a diet.

It is important to know that in the early days of internal oiling, many complain of malaise or loss of energy. It is worth planning the start of the program on those days when it is possible to take a day off from work. But already at the first stage, the first results are noticeable. You will start to lose weight - this time. The skin will be cleansed, become smoother and more elastic - these are two.

The second stage is warming up, one of the most enjoyable. If during internal oiling many people complain of weakness and fatigue (an Ayurvedic doctor will certainly tell you that this is completely normal, because the body gets rid of toxins), then during warming up you will physically feel how the joy of life returns to your body, and each cell opens, renews and is saturated with fresh energy. At this stage, you will need to come to the clinic for several days in a row for an Ayurvedic massage with aromatic oil and warming up in a wooden capsule. At this time, dietary restrictions become less severe - as a rule, the doctor recommends sticking to a vegetarian diet, but for now, exclude raw vegetables and fruits from the diet, which are more difficult for the body to digest than heat-treated.

Third stage - external oiling. The doctor prescribes daily massages and cleansing procedures that must be done at a strictly defined time of the day. Usually it is at this stage that the effect of the procedures becomes very noticeable - it becomes more energy, it is easier to wake up in the morning, and your own reflection in the mirror pleases more and more.

The fourth stage is nasya, cleansing the nose. This is a way of influencing the nasal passages and the whole body as a whole with the help of herbal decoctions, vegetable oils, melted butter, smoking herbs. In Panchakarma procedures, herbal decoctions or oils are instilled into the nose, or herbal powders are inhaled through the nose. Calamus, myrtle, sage, basil, brahmi are often used. These procedures perfectly relieve headaches, nasal congestion, allergies.

After the cleansing is completed, the doctor selects an individual nutrition program that will help consolidate the result. It is recommended to undergo panchakarma in full or in part once a year, and the most successful moments for purification are the junctions of the seasons - the beginning of winter, spring, summer or autumn.

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