How and where to dress in a crisis: the secrets of a budget wardrobe

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How and where to dress in a crisis: the secrets of a budget wardrobe
How and where to dress in a crisis: the secrets of a budget wardrobe

The first rule of an anti-crisis wardrobe is: "80% of the things in your closet should be basic, and only 20% trendy." Forced saving can teach you to approach your wardrobe more consciously, to discover its strengths and weaknesses.

How and where to dress in a crisis: the secrets of a budget wardrobe
How and where to dress in a crisis: the secrets of a budget wardrobe

What to buy to save money?

A smart investment in your wardrobe is to buy accessories: bright details will add an element of novelty to the whole look and no one will notice that a couple of days ago you showed up to work in the same blouse.

A large necklace will be a good investment. The fashion for this type of jewelry has been holding on for more than a season and is not going to give up its positions in the near future. Again, the necklace can be worn with a white shirt - an option for the office; with a jumper and jeans - to meet friends; with an evening dress - for a special occasion.

Separately worth considering the purchase of shoes and bags. Many stylists insist that you should not spare money on these wardrobe items. Like, they demonstrate status and “make” the whole image as a whole. That is true, but if you are forced to cut your budget, evaluate the feasibility of an expensive purchase. To do this, use the formula: divide the price of the item by the approximate number of days in which you will wear it. For example, a classic bag with which you can go to work and meet friends costs $100. Let's say you wear it 200 days a year. It turns out that one day of using this bag will cost $ 0.5. Is that too much or too little for you? In addition, a quality bag can last much longer than 200 outings. Same with shoes.

If you need evening shoes that you will wear 1-2 times under a certain dress, it makes no sense to lay out half the salary for them. Fortunately, now there are many chain stores offering stylish budget shoes. But if you need comfortable neutral-colored boats that you plan to wear "both in a feast and in the world" - use the above formula. The price may not seem so high anymore.

Where to buy so as not to overpay?


Use them to buy basic items as well as out-of-season clothing. As a rule, outerwear in the summer is sold at the biggest discount. In addition, if the coat or jacket was from the last collection, then the initial price for them may turn out to be relatively low. Of course, in the heat of summer, you don’t want to think about the upcoming autumn, but believe me, in just a couple of months you will say “thank you” to yourself for your foresight and for buying a good thing at a low price.

Custom tailoring

During the crisis, individual tailoring, if it does not help to save money, then at least ceases to be a luxury. The cost of services, as a rule, depends on the name of the tailor and on the complexity of your order.

Bespoke tailoring has both pros and cons. Of the benefits: the embodiment of your sketch, the exclusivity of the product, the ability to personally choose better fabrics. Cons: Repeated fittings, lead times, and unpredictable results (especially if you haven't found "your" tailor yet).

Stock centers

Stock Center is a paradise for those who want to save money. Here you will find items from the previous collections of various brands, but at reduced prices. It is unlikely that you will be able to buy the trend of the season in such a store, but it is quite possible to create a basic wardrobe. When choosing things, pay attention to the quality of the product and the presence of defects. There should be no pills, holes, puffs and stains from foundation - do not forget that unsold goods, which may have already gone through many fittings, end up in the stock.

Second Hands

Don't wrinkle your nose contemptuously, but find a quality second-hand store. Contrary to legend, clothes by weight are almost never sold anywhere now - each item has its own set price. In such stores, you can find used items as well as brand new ones.

An undoubted advantage of second-hand stores, which is appreciated by bohemians, is the opportunity to find original and vintage clothes. Cons: despite the fact that all goods are dry-cleaned, sometimes there are things in frankly poor condition. Separately, it is worth mentioning thrift stores that sell clothes and accessories exclusively from luxury brands. But if you want to buy something really worthwhile, look into the "premium commission" as often as possible - they account for a lot of "hunters" who "clear" the shelves in a timely manner.

Garage Sale

Throw out your wardrobe. Determine the things that suit you unconditionally. And everything that belongs to the categories: “I have never worn this for the last couple of years”, “what if I lose weight”, “what I was thinking about when I bought this” - put aside. There are many groups and communities on the Internet whose members exchange things or sell them for a ridiculous price. At such a virtual "garage" sale, you can buy something new for yourself and even earn extra money. The second option is to throw a party for your girlfriends, each of whom will bring something they don't need to exchange.

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