Trend: natural makeup

Fashion 2023
Trend: natural makeup
Trend: natural makeup

New York Fashion Week proved once again that neutral eye makeup is as relevant as ever! We will show you how to create fashionable makeup at home

Trend: natural makeup
Trend: natural makeup

Bring the runway trend to life with the new The Nudes, Maybelline New York palette. 12 shades of eyeshadows (matte, satin and shimmer) are easily combined with each other and allow you to create an endless number of looks - from natural to dramatic. You can safely use beige and gold, gray and bronze together - today the combination of warm and cold in one make-up is relevant. It is important to pay attention to the eyebrows - the Brow Satin gadget will make them thick and expressive in no time.

Yuri Stolyarov,

leading makeup artist for Maybelline New York in Russia

Sculpting is one of the most popular queries on the internet. With the help of highlighter and bronzing powder, you can make a wide nose thinner, thinner face and reduce the chin. Maybelline New York's latest product, Master Sculpt Sculpting Powder, is a combination of dark powder and highlighter (available in one shade) that will help you get your proportions closer to perfection. Be mindful of the amount of powder you're applying before you start applying, and always blend the edges well.

  1. MAKE A “SLIMMER” ROUND FACE. Apply bronzer only to the peripheral part of the neck, adding a little highlighter. Emphasize their cheekbones, shading towards the temples to create relief.
  2. GIVE THE NOSE GRACE. Apply bronzer on the wings of the nose and blend to the base of the eyebrow - this technique will make it visually thinner.
  3. WE FORM A CLEAR OVAL. Darken the bottom of the chin by placing bronzer on the invisible bottom.
  4. LEARGE EYES. Apply bronzer in a semi-circle on the temple to reduce the area from the eyes to the hair roots. Highlighter - between the eyebrows and move from them to the middle of the forehead. Then to the inner corner of the eye to visually increase the space between the eyes.
  5. LIFTING EFFECT. To visually lift the face, blend the bronzer not towards the earlobe, but towards the temple.

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