Problems with the skin of the feet: Prevention is easier than cure

Problems with the skin of the feet: Prevention is easier than cure
Problems with the skin of the feet: Prevention is easier than cure

It's nice when women's legs are in perfect condition, with smooth, pink skin on the feet, and look he althy and well-groomed.

Foot problems: Prevention is easier than cure

But this is not always the case. Constant loads (after all, it is the feet that bear the entire weight of our body when we are standing or moving), tight or uncomfortable shoes, dry air, vitamin deficiency, natural age-related changes and insufficiently thought-out care lead to very unpleasant - both visually and physically - problems. Very often, the skin on the feet becomes too rough, painful dry calluses appear on its surface, corns that interfere with walking and cracks prone to bleeding. A he althy pink color of the skin of the feet changes to whitish-yellow. Such, at first glance, a trifle, like unkempt or unhe althy skin of the feet, can destroy the entire carefully created image of a woman.

Working ahead of the curve

If all of the above doesn't apply to you and you think your feet are still in good shape, that's very good. However, in order for the skin of the feet to remain he althy and elastic for many years, it needs competent preventive care. One that provides all three basic needs of the skin of the feet - hydration, nutrition and protection. Deep hydration, “balanced” nutrition and high-quality protection of the skin of the feet are expensive, but they will cost you very little if you choose the “Lekar” cream with urea as your daily care product. The main active ingredient of this cream is a natural and powerful moisturizer urea, a necessary and irreplaceable element of almost all fluids in the human body. Urea easily overcomes the skin barrier, penetrates into the deep layers of the dermis and helps skin cells retain moisture. And urea also works as a conductor, delivering other valuable components of the "Healer" cream with urea deep into the skin.

Urea +

+ Oak bark extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents irritation, reduces sweating of the feet and forms the thinnest breathable protective film on the surface of the feet. + Celandine extract and tea tree essential oil quickly heal the smallest cracks and wounds, preventing pathogenic microorganisms from penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin and developing an inflammatory process. + Vitamin E improves skin elasticity, helps it stay soft and smooth for a long time and activates regeneration processes. + Allantoin helps to deeply soften the skin, softening even its keratinized top layer. + Additionally softens the skin and helps it retain moisture emulsion wax in the composition of the cream "Lekar" with urea, and citric acid works as a real antioxidant. Apply a light and effective cream "Healer" with urea on clean skin of the feet twice a day, morning and evening, and no corns, cracks and calluses will spoil the beauty of your legs. Cream "Lekar" with urea is the most affordable remedy that will help preserve the beauty and he alth of the skin of the feet!

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