Danila Dunaev: “I live today!”

Danila Dunaev: “I live today!”
Danila Dunaev: “I live today!”

The performer of one of the main roles in the TV series "Sweet Life" on TNT channel Danila Dunaev is a social psychologist by his first education. He believes that understanding the causes of human actions has come in handy in his profession.

Danila Dunaev: “I live today!”
Danila Dunaev: “I live today!”

BEFORE: What do women need to know about men? Some secret that will help in a relationship…

Danila Dunaev (DD): Nothing! And it’s better for men not to know anything about women, it’s better not to use their heads anymore, but still their hearts - to feel everything they need. And if you don’t feel it, you should think: why then such a relationship?

BEFORE: Can a handsome man, an actor, be useful at home, in the household?

DD: I will say for myself: I absolutely calmly run a household. I wash, iron, wash the dishes, clean up, go to the store, take care of the child, since I have not one, but three of them, completely of different ages. Therefore, in my opinion, such a model of a man that you ask about is very possible.

BEFORE: Where do men's socks go after washing?

DD: At home, men's socks after washing, dried, are collected in pairs, folded into balls and sent to the closet, and personally by a man.

DO: Do you like the sweet life? Fine dining, expensive stuff?

DD: I don’t like gourmet dishes, I like potatoes with a cutlet, borscht, homemade cheesecakes, cook sausages. I don't like expensive wine either - it is very tart, young wine is much more pleasant and costs almost nothing. I like to look at expensive cars more, but I drive a car that is not very expensive, but very beautiful - and I'm happy with that.

BEFORE: Did you have a difficult childhood?

DD: No, my childhood was not difficult, thanks to my father and mother for this: Leonid Dunaev and Larisa Dunaeva are wonderful parents! And we had a completely comfortable existence, and I always had everything.

BEFORE: When did you first feel like an adult?

JD: I had a moment where I didn't really feel more mature, but I realized that there are things in life that I hadn't thought about before. It happened when my eldest son Fedya screamed for the first time. A few days after the hospital, he behaved completely calmly: he silently lay in the cradle, I changed his diapers and thought: class, it will always be like this! But no: he yelled, and it became clear that this is a living person who has his own rights, and I have new responsibilities, and something must be done so that he stops screaming, because something obviously did not suit him. Here, for the first time in my life, I felt a serious need to do something.

TO: How should children be raised?

DD: As Oscar Wilde said, if you want to raise a child, raise yourself. First of all, you need to lead by example. In theory, with the right upbringing, by the age of eighteen, a young person should not have any basic questions, he just goes and does it, because he saw how it was done with him. That's it.

BEFORE: Remember your first paycheck?

DD: I remember. I earned either eighteen or twenty thousand rubles by helping my grandmother clean the yard. This money was then enough for a bottle of cola and a chocolate bar.

BEFORE: How do you spend money now? Are you saving on anything?

DD: I never save. Sometimes it turns out by accident - it's nice, but I still spend this money right away, they are always needed somewhere. I don’t make savings because it is an excessive responsibility, such an excess potential that is here, and you constantly think about it: when they are needed, what they need to be spent on, something else. And thus you attract the need for this waste - God forbid it will be some kind of trouble, it turns out that you create this trouble for yourself. That's why I don't save, I live for today.

BEFORE: Do you mind spending money on entertainment?

DD: It's not that I have a lot of fun, but I don't spare money for a trip or a trip with friends to a restaurant. I have always treated them very lightly, thank God they always exist. Probably because I work a lot.

BEFORE: Where in life do you feel more responsible?

DD: You can't lie, you can't be greedy. You have to take responsibility for your words, deeds and thoughts. And to distinguish their desires from the desires imposed by society, television, advertising. The world has become very complicated. And now it is important to understand who you are. And this understanding - self-awareness - is, it seems to me, the most important responsibility.

BEFORE: What are you afraid of?

DD: Fear is instinctive, which appears in really life-threatening moments when you need to run, save yourself. And there is social fear, and in this case, fear is a reason for other people to manipulate you, to force you to do something that you do not want and should not. That's why I'm afraid to be afraid. Of course, I have anxiety before going on stage, into the frame, before important negotiations, but this is precisely the excitement, and understanding what is happening right now, at the moment, helps me get rid of it. For example, now I am not at the negotiations yet, now I am at home, and the next moment I am already aware of myself in the moment of those very negotiations, where I am no longer afraid, but just talking. Just a stupid fear of not being liked or missing out - it destroys.

BEFORE: What are you the only ones allowed to do in the house?

DD: Only I am allowed to be Danila Dunaev in the house.

BEFORE: Can you imagine being old in forty years?

DD: It's not like I'm forty years, I don't plan anything forty minutes ahead. But to your readers, here's what I can say. If you think that in old age you will be a wrinkled, mischievous old woman - so be it. And if you imagine that at a hundred years old you will be young, pretty, cheerful and will attract men - then it will be so!

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