Fashion sunglasses: we take an example from the stars

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Fashion sunglasses: we take an example from the stars
Fashion sunglasses: we take an example from the stars

The spectacle frame has long passed into the status of not only an independent, but even an accent accessory that will be able to dot all the "i" and make even the most unpretentious outfit stylish. Let's take a look at the hottest sunglasses this summer.

Fashion sunglasses: we take an example from the stars
Fashion sunglasses: we take an example from the stars

[PAGED_GALLERY] [GPAGE_V]Snow-white frames[/GPAGE_V] For those who do not like to go to extremes and prefer emotionally restrained classics to everything, designers offer a huge selection of white-rimmed sunglasses. A white frame can look both strict and defiant. White-framed glasses will look especially good under wide-brimmed hats, on tanned or slightly tanned skin. But even in combination with a black trouser suit, as well as with a black sheath dress, the whiteness of the frame, emphasized by red lipstick, will look no less excellent. Be aware that white-rimmed glasses will be flattering on pale skin with a bluish tint (to avoid fading, fill your summer wardrobe with bright, saturated colors).

[GPAGE_V]Bright frames and colored lenses[/GPAGE_V] Designers insist on experimentation, including experiments with color. If you are not afraid of change, then pay attention to the collections of those fashion houses that encourage the wearing of frames with colored lenses: from bright orange and purple to aquamarine, shades of which, shimmering with neon, go beyond the color spectrum. In order not to overload your image with a mixture of color spots, give preference to plain clothes. Also, don't go overboard with make-up, manicures, and accessories that gleam in the sun.

[GPAGE_V]Big glasses[/GPAGE_V] You can be sure that big glasses will never go out of style - this summer for sure. Glasses similar to dragonfly eyes will suit women with a long neck and an elongated oval or rectangular face shape, as well as those whose profile can be compared with the profile of Egyptian bas-reliefs glorifying female beauty - with a strict and thin profile in which the hump on the bridge of the nose is a reason to be proud. Remember that overloaded with rhinestones and other decorative inserts, especially those that imitate gold, large glasses are already bad taste.

[GPAGE_V]Round or oval [/GPAGE_V]

Tishade glasses have a perfectly round lens shape framed in a wire frame, which was especially popular in the 60s and 70s (think of John Lennon). Paired with a striped vest, a straw hat and Huckleberry Finn-style tucked-in boyfriends, these glasses will look very stylish. It is worth considering the fact that this frame is not for all occasions. So, a combination of tishades with a business suit, a dress that goes to the floor, as well as a dress with an abundance of ruffles, flounces and other cute details will be acceptable, but not the best.

If you want more variety, then take a closer look at the next interpretation of retro style - oval-frame sunglasses. Glasses from oval collections look very original, but the deceit lies in the fact that the oval shape suits few people. However, this summer, oval-frame sunglasses will definitely not be left in the shade.

Sunglasses without a frame under the lenses have become not only a familiar, but also a well-deserved favorite phenomenon in the fashion world, and not in vain: a partial frame on top beautifully emphasizes the eyebrow line. In addition to this already classic model, it is worth paying attention to unusual variations of sunglasses with a partial frame, when only the lower part of the frame is framed.

In addition to their main task - protecting the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, dark glasses have another, no less important function - to add mystery to the image, of course, provided that the frame of your sun protection optics is chosen correctly, that is, taking into account the oval your face, the shape of your eyebrows, and even your outlook on life.


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