Pelageya celebrated her birthday in pajamas

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Pelageya celebrated her birthday in pajamas
Pelageya celebrated her birthday in pajamas

The popular singer celebrated her 29th birthday and invited her friends to a pajama party. Exclusive photos.

Pelageya celebrated her birthday in pajamas

A popular performer, so beloved by many of us as a caring mentor of the show "Voice" (season 1, 2, 3) and "Voice. Children”, celebrated her birthday on July 14. Pelageya turned 29.

To celebrate a personal holiday Pelageya decided at home and invited friends to a “pajama party”. The guests strictly observed the dress code: they came to the celebration in cozy sweatshirts, pajamas, and silk robes. The hero of the occasion was in a pink plush suit.

Pelageya, for all her popularity, was and remains not a public person: her pages on social networks are closed, she rarely shares her opinions and gives interviews. Therefore, it was possible to learn about the past celebration only thanks to the activity of her friends on Instagram.

One of the first to share the details of the holiday was a star photographer (and a great friend of Domashniy Ochag magazine) Vladimir Shirokov and performer, participant of the show "Voice" Tina Kuznetsova(Tina took part in the second season of the Voice project and was part of the Pelageya team).

Pelageya's best friend, Polina Gagarina, was also present at the party. And Andrey Sergeev, music editor of the Voice show.

We heartily congratulate Pelageya on her personal holiday!

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