5 delicious Portuguese dishes

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5 delicious Portuguese dishes
5 delicious Portuguese dishes

Portuguese cuisine is not as widely known outside the country as neighboring Spanish. But in vain: the Portuguese know a lot about great food!

5 delicious dishes of Portuguese cuisine
5 delicious dishes of Portuguese cuisine


Traditional Portuguese cuisine is simple and made with fresh fish, seafood, cheeses and vegetables. By the way, they prefer not to cut the last ingredients here, but to serve them whole - raw or boiled. Together with momondo's travel metasearch specialists, we invite you to discover an appetizing and extraordinary page in the world of culinary - Portuguese cuisine.

Cod Cakes

Portuguese cuisine is known for its seafood and fish dishes. Residents love sardines, tuna, crab, shellfish and octopus. Cod (bacalhau) occupies a special place here: every year, every Portuguese eats an average of 16 kilograms of this fish per year. Appetizing fish cakes are prepared from chopped cod, which are fried until golden crispy. In Portugal, they are called pastéis de bacalhau, or "cod cakes". They can serve as an appetizer or main course with rice, potatoes or vegetables.

Caldo verde soup, which translates as "green", is loved in all regions of Portugal. Its ingredients, according to tradition, are very simple: onions, garlic, potatoes, green cabbage leaves and broth. Saldo verde is poured into bowls with olive oil and served with sliced shorisu sausage and corn and rye flour broa.

Alheira is a Portuguese sausage made from any meat other than pork and topped with bread. Her recipe in the Middle Ages was invented by Portuguese Jews to escape the persecution of the Inquisition. Since Judaism forbids eating pork, the Inquisition easily figured out Jewish families by the absence of pork sausage in their smokehouses. To deceive the churchmen, the Jews began to make sausages from other types of meat - beef, chicken, duck, etc. Subsequently, this recipe was widely spread among Christians.

Traditionally alheira was grilled and served with boiled vegetables, but today in Portuguese homes and restaurants it is more commonly eaten with potatoes and scrambled eggs. The good news is that it's usually the cheapest main course on the menu (with the exception of the game alheira, which is more expensive than the rest). The homeland of the dish is the city of Mirandela.

Since then, egg cakes with powdered sugar and cinnamon have been admired throughout the Portuguese-speaking countries of the world. The momondo places app advises you to go for sweets in a cafe with a telling name Pastéis de Belém. This establishment is owned by the descendants of the same cake factory, opened in 1837. They promise that they have kept the recipe of the monks unchanged, which means that here you can enjoy the original taste of the main delicacy of Portugal - Pastéis de Belém.


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