Typical couples you will definitely meet at the resort

Typical couples you will definitely meet at the resort
Typical couples you will definitely meet at the resort

If you are a supporter of traditional vacation itineraries and prefer to relax on an all-inclusive basis at resorts beloved by Russians, then you can easily remember the bright resort characters whose adventures brightened up or spoiled your vacation. Such specimens are interesting on their own, but in pairs they are doubly interesting. Let's talk about typical couples that you can meet on vacation.

Typical couples you are sure to meet at the resort
Typical couples you are sure to meet at the resort

Let's make a reservation that meeting everyone at once - luck is not for the faint of heart, but two or three options for "sweet couples" will definitely come across on your way to the sun, sea and beach.

Selfie Maniacs

They may not even look at each other. But as soon as one of the couple comes up with the idea to take a romantic photo, then passion bubbles up: kisses against the sunset, against the background of food, against the background of a surprised bartender, against the backdrop of a palm tree, under a palm tree, behind a palm tree, on a palm tree … Thanks to holiday landscapes - for inspiration, and for the hotel environment - for the opportunities! An extreme case is simultaneous selfies, when everyone looks towards their smartphone (because a bird will fly out of there), and the second “half” is used as a background.


This cute, bickering couple would rather spend their money on a marriage counselor or divorce. Everyone around has to get acquainted with the shortcomings and bad habits of spouses dissatisfied with each other, all the sins of youth, untidy socks on the floor and hair in the bathroom. In addition, the couple tends to involve others in their conflicts (as witnesses or judges), as well as to reconcile no less violently in public.


It's not for us to judge other people's lives, but too often these characters meet on vacation. He has a midlife crisis, She has a financial crisis. They are inevitably attracted to each other and attract the eyes: admiring and envious - men, indignant and embarrassed - women.

Naked Athletes

This couple is essentially not a couple, but each on its own, and each is eager to show themselves in the best (read, most naked) version. He alternately plays with the muscles of the chest, then the biceps; she defiles in binini, tankini, thongs, topless and other options, when it becomes a little embarrassing for others to look at all this splendor. The problem is not in toned bodies, but in the fact that it is not necessary to follow the example of the Greek athletes at the Olympic Games in order to show off the excellent physical shape suffered during 9 cold months in their own gyms. If a couple also publicly shows mutual passion, then there are associations with the heroes of adult films and a strong desire to keep their children away from the “TV screen”.

Cockerel and Hen

We love kids! But more often their own than others. And if detailed stories about a therapeutic diet, Montessori exercises and the consistency of your baby's stool are still all right, then knowledge of these details about other people's offspring is clearly unnecessary. Such couples also sin with the deification of their offspring, a complete lack of criticism and common sense. The bonus is usually noisy, restless and poorly educated kids - at least that's how we see them, other people's moms and dads.


If they fought for the harmony, ecology and survival of cows and chickens in silence, setting a proud example to others, then no one would object to diets, vegetarianism and organic food. But this couple - mutually infecting each other with enthusiasm - sets the goal of life to convince everyone around them how wrong they live and eat. They are the ones who tend to spoil your appetite with stories about how cruel egg cooking is, how preservatives and flavor enhancers burn your insides, or how monstrously high calories are in that cheesecake that you are now eating.


Colleagues and friends of this couple are already wishing them to burn in the sun or overeat papaya - because they post on Instagram (less advanced - VKontakte and Odnoklassniki) a photo of every minute spent on the beach or on an excursion. Colleagues on the beach and excursions will soon begin to quietly hate them for the photo of every dish laid out on the buffet, and the photo of every waiter who served amateur photographers in 7 days of rest, more precisely, a continuous photoset.

Yellow Press

This is that cute couple that carefully considers everyone around them to find flaws in everyone, invent sins and serial passions for everyone, and, of course, discuss everyone in a loud half-whisper. Obviously, they have long since run out of interesting topics for conversation, but their communication skills are inexhaustible. A variation of the "yellow correspondents" are "restaurant critics" and "mystery shoppers". They are unhappy that their towels are folded into swans and not peacocks; that there are only 25 types of meat in the restaurant, and that the waiters look at them somehow crookedly. The couple is unanimously ready to express their dissatisfaction to everyone they meet - even if they are against it.

Couple apart

The last time they rested together was one hundred (more precisely, 15) years ago. They want to make up for everything that has been lost over these 15 years, within the available 7 days. 3 excursions a day, swimming in the sea at dawn (and at sunset), stocking cocktails on the table for 3 hours in advance, dancing to the state of “I can’t take it anymore, I’m falling”, soft pink peeling tan, cuddling with a white friend after a risky mixture goat milk and agave and other signs of excess in everything are the companions of this couple.

Smartphone Addicts

They can live without each other, but they will not survive the absence of their compact black, white and pink friends. At dinner in a restaurant, and even sitting waist-deep in sea water, they text friends and browse their friend feed. And a conversation can only take place if a mutual friend posted an interesting photo or set a daring status.

Perfect Couple

She finishes all the sentences He started. He prudently brings Her favorite dessert. They dance the rumba perfectly and agree with each other in everything. Yes, this is envy, because such ideal feelings and their manifestations (what are the same T-shirts worth!) For many, they end faster than we would like. And these characters are like a photograph from a wedding album: too young, too happy, too in love. However, most of us sincerely wish them well.

We do not at all seek to stigmatize everyone around - after all, many of us on vacation used to try on at least one of the roles described above. There is no harm in this, no big trouble - especially if you remember in time how funny this behavior looks from the outside. And stop.

Which "funny characters" have you seen in resorts?

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