Cartoons can make children overweight

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Cartoons can make children overweight
Cartoons can make children overweight

Plump cartoon characters make kids eat more junk food

Cartoons can provoke the appearance of excess weight in children

A new study by researchers at the University of Colorado appears to have the potential to undermine parents' belief in the safety of cartoons. Researchers have found that children eat twice as many high-calorie foods, such as cookies, candy and fast food, after watching cartoons with fat characters. And it doesn’t matter at all that these characters are fictitious: preschoolers not only unconsciously react to their appearance, but even tend to perceive an ovoid or spherical shape as a sign of overweight.

"I wish companies would be more responsible in their choice of marketing tools," said study author Professor Margaret Campbell. - Parents should be aware that images like this may form the association "food - fun" and not "food - he althy eating, good habits."

By the way, a major breakfast cereal company updated its advertising character, Tony the tiger, a few years ago, making him leaner and more athletic - more in line with the idea of ​​a he althy lifestyle. So no "smeshariki", only slender Disney princesses. I wonder if there are parents who are ready to evaluate the appearance and weight of cartoon characters before allowing a child to the screen?

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