20 Ridiculous 90s Trends: Look How It Was

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20 Ridiculous 90s Trends: Look How It Was
20 Ridiculous 90s Trends: Look How It Was

Do you also like those bow ties, bandanas, bowl haircuts and heavily plucked eyebrows? We invite you to remember the past and smile!

20 Ridiculous 90s Trends That Might Make a Comeback
20 Ridiculous 90s Trends That Might Make a Comeback

Ponytails for adults

If you are under 6 years old, a simple rule will be useful: no ponytails on both sides.

Contrast highlights

A small amount of well-placed bleached strands can liven up your face, but blatant white strands all over your head can do just the opposite. These days, most people prefer less contrasting highlights.

Parted bowl cut

I wonder what the boys of the 90s were thinking, who all as one cut their hair that way? In fact, a haircut under the pot can look very stylish (for example, Jennifer Hudson's haircut). But parting hair with such a haircut in the middle, and even leaving it hanging freely … Let's leave it to the nineties!

Bleached gray hair ends

It's great that men have decided to go with the times and apply bleach to their hair, but why use such a strange scheme?

Fatty lower eyeliner

Nothing shrinks the eyes more than a heavy eyeliner applied to the lower eyelid! However, we have all been using this technique for almost 10 years.

Tiaras for any occasion

Remember how suddenly everyone started wearing tiaras - to school discos, proms and, if you're a celebrity, to the red carpet of festivals and premieres?

Strands hanging down the face

How else to describe this hairstyle, except as a "high ponytail with two strands released along the face"? Maybe dog ears? But let's not dissemble - nevertheless, this hairstyle even suited some people!

Ethnic tattoo around the arm

This was one of the supposedly necessary conditions for boy bands of the 90s: at least one of the participants must have such an ethnic tattoo around the biceps (it was considered especially cool if he also had a tattoo in the form of a sun where nearby).

Heavy gelled curls

It's okay for a man to gel unruly curly hair. However, it's not cool at all if he pours a ton of gel on his hair, which makes it look wet and stick up.

Excessive perm

In the 90s, the stars were heavily abused perms. This bad habit has been imitated by celebrity fans.


I wonder why men left these three hairs on their chins? Is it to accentuate the lower lip? Or to hide defects on the chin? Or to scare away all women forever? We are waiting for a response.

Hair knots

In addition to the completely crazy eyebrow pattern, the image of Gwen Stefani in the 90s was often complemented by knots of hair on her head.

Butterfly hairpins

Every girl in the 90s had these butterfly hairpins, despite the fact that hairstyles with them did not always look beautiful.


If you were a teenager in the 90s, you probably wore a bandanna, like Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga from Boy Meets World. You probably also looked ridiculous, but felt very stylish.

Radically asymmetrical haircuts

Such haircuts can look great. However, if you've gone as far as Naomi Campbell did in the 90s, it will look like a hairdresser's mistake from the outside.

Heavily plucked eyebrows

It's okay Drew Barrymore, back then we all thought it was okay to go crazy about plucking your eyebrows.

Zigzag parting

By parting the hair with a zigzag parting, we apparently tried to make the hair look thicker. But in fact, such a parting gives the impression that a person does not know how to properly use a comb.

Icy Lipstick

Yes, lipstick can make us look brighter. But not this shade.

Big fluffy ponytail

Such strange hairstyles are no longer worn - and it's good, because they violate the proportions of the face.

Pastel Hats

The habit of matching a pastel-colored hat with a pastel jacket and the same skirt should definitely be in the past.

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