"Mignon-o-epopee" in Happy Meal

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"Mignon-o-epopee" in Happy Meal
"Mignon-o-epopee" in Happy Meal

In the midst of the summer holidays, the full-length animated film "Minions" was released on the screens of Russian cinemas. And until August 13, 2015, these funny yellow creatures can be found in Happy Meal sets!

"Mignon-o-Epic" at Happy Meal

It was no coincidence that McDonald's called its new program "Mignon-o-Epic",because all nine toys in this series represent a variety of costumes, eras and even characters of crumbs- minions. The Minion-o-Epic program has Napoleon's Army Minion, Vampire Minion, Jurassic Minion, Guardsman Minion, and Pirate Minion. Also included in the "epic" series and the main characters of the cartoon - Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob, and each of them has its own role. Kevin the negotiator and Bob the talker are talking, the artistic Stuart the guitarist is playing music, and the disco Stuart is the real king of the dance floor! The toys are already on sale at McDonald's restaurants nationwide!

The new program is not only toys in Happy Meals. Cognitive children's matinees are timed to the start of the program, which will be held in the chain's restaurants during July. Matinee schedule:

As long as supplies last.

Only at participating restaurants. Information about participating restaurants is on the official McDonald's website: mcdonalds.ru/restaurant/search.

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