Budget cosmetics that won't disappoint you

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Budget cosmetics that won't disappoint you
Budget cosmetics that won't disappoint you

Effective cosmetics - is it expensive cosmetics? Products produced by mass-market brands are able to solve skin problems no worse than their expensive counterparts. If you choose the right product, you will not only save money, but also make a great investment in the beauty of your skin.

Budget cosmetics that will not disappoint you
Budget cosmetics that will not disappoint you

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1. You should use a cream that is designed specifically for your skin. If you have dry skin, opt for a moisturizer, if problematic, opt for products designed to solve specific problems.

2. Compound. The shorter the composition, the less risk that the cream will cause an allergic reaction. If you have sensitive skin, your product label should say "hypoallergenic".

3. Perfume. The aroma of the cream should not irritate you. Ask for a tester in the store, put some cream on your hand and "live" with it for a while - the scent should not cause discomfort.

We have selected 6 budget funds that will not disappoint you.

Nutra Effects Moisturizing Day Cream, AVON is a godsend for connoisseurs of natural ingredients and owners of sensitive skin. The cream formula contains an Active Seed complex based on chia seed extracts - the so-called super food, which has the ability to retain moisture 12 times its own weight and is a source of nutrients and vitamins. The cream is perfectly absorbed, does not leave a greasy film and intensively moisturizes the skin.

Price 179 rubles

Garnier's Magical Sleep Night Cream, inspired by Asia's number one night mask, leaves skin looking rested in the morning, even if you haven't slept for 8 hours. The tool works as a cream and a mask at the same time and at the same time has a light, quickly absorbed texture. Due to the complex with active ingredients in the cream, the skin better resists signs of fatigue, becomes smoother and more elastic.

Price 319 rubles

Revitalift filler, L'Oreal Paris - non-invasive analogue of injections. The development of this tool was carried out by a group of scientists from L'Oreal Paris and the famous French cosmetologist Joel Siacco, so there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the tool. It is based on a record concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is several times higher than its content in one injection. It holds up to 1000 of its mass and fills the cells with moisture from the inside. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and more hydrated.

Price 717 rubles

In addition to the incredible aroma ("Juicy Raspberry", "Creamy Caramel", "Macada Nut and Vanilla"), Nivea lip oil has unsurpassed moisturizing qualities. Thanks to the content of oils, including shea butter, the product perfectly copes with cracks and dry lips. At the same time, the oil does not leave a greasy feeling on the lips. It is better to use the product both during the day and in the evening: if you apply the oil at night, in the morning your lips will be tender and soft. Can also be used as a base and under lipstick.

Price 155 rubles

Cream "Magic Tiare" "Velvet Hands" is a real salvation for dehydrated skin prone to redness and peeling. The product is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy marks, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. The result in the form of strong nails and smooth hands is noticeable with regular use. The cream is quite economical to use, it lasts for a whole season.

Price 52.5 rubles

Brand from India based on the ancient recipes of Ayurveda and contains many herbal ingredients. Hymalaya Herbals scrub contains moisturizing aloe vera, walnut shell granules and pineapple extract to gently exfoliate dry, rough skin. After scrubbing, the heels become soft and smooth, as after a pedicure.

Price: 268 rubles


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