Important advice for those who are undergoing panchakarma (cleansing the body)

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Important advice for those who are undergoing panchakarma (cleansing the body)
Important advice for those who are undergoing panchakarma (cleansing the body)

The Indian system of cleansing and healing the body is one of the best options for those who want to get rid of toxins, extra pounds and a few years to boot. The Domashniy Ochag editors have tested the system on themselves and are ready to share their tips.

Important tips for those who are undergoing panchakarma (cleansing the body)
Important tips for those who are undergoing panchakarma (cleansing the body)
  1. Before starting panchakarma, take an examination. In a good Ayurvedic clinic, before starting panchakarma, they will not rely only on the data of traditional Indian diagnostics, but will also offer to undergo an examination of internal organs (at least ultrasound). Don't give up! For panchakarma, as for any serious impact on the body, there are contraindications, and it's not worth the risk.
  2. Plan, plan, and plan again. You need to understand that the panchakarma that you do not in India, but in your hometown, stretches for about a month and a half. And at this time, your usual daily routine, nutrition and well-being will seriously change. To make the cleansing process easier, try to think ahead of time about how best to organize your schedule.
  3. Firstly, within a month and a half you will need to come to the clinic almost every day (with short breaks) for procedures. Some of them must be done in the morning, some - only in the daytime. Be prepared for the fact that your entire daily routine will be based on the recommendations of the doctor and the schedule of procedures. You won't be able to take breaks on weekends, so planning even trips to the country for a couple of days will be more difficult.

    Second, you won't always feel the same way. Indian doctors are usually philosophical about the ailments during panchakarma, limiting themselves to unobtrusive recommendations like "It is better not to go to work on this day." Everyone tolerates internal oiling differently, but many people note weakness and loss of strength at the first stage. This means that it will be quite difficult for you to cope with all the cases in full. Schedule the beginning of panchakarma for those periods when there are fewer urgent issues at work and you can take a day off if necessary. And warn your loved ones that you will likely need help with the kids and household chores within a few days.

    “Panchakarma is not just a pleasant massage, but a serious effect on the body,” says Dr. Uni from the Ayurvedic clinic Atreya Ayurveda. “And it takes effort to get the results you want.”

  4. Get ready for work. Be prepared for Panchakarma to demand willpower and organization from you. Everyone around will fry kebabs and drink wine, but you are not allowed. Everyone will sunbathe and swim in the icy river, and you are not recommended to be in the open sun and get cold. On weekends, everyone will lie in bed until lunch, and the doctor has prescribed morning meditation and yoga for you. At some point, all this will seem unfair and even offensive to you. In order not to break loose, just remind yourself (if necessary, several times a day) why you are doing all this. Do you want to be beautiful and slim? Get rid of allergies? Forget about migraines? Turn back time without any chemicals? And imagine that at the beginning of autumn all those who now drink beer and eat kebabs will lie in beds with a temperature and squish their noses. And you will feel great and never sneeze.
  5. Learn new recipes. Those who hear about panchakarma for the first time are often frightened by the need to stick to a vegetarian diet for a month and a half. In fact, it will be difficult only in the first two or three days, when the hands themselves, out of habit, reach for sweet or meat. And then the secret to success is to try as many vegetarian dishes as possible, and some of them will surely fall in love with your entire non-vegetarian family. Master a variety of risottos, perlottos, stews, new varieties of soups and grilled vegetables. While you are undergoing panchakarma, there is a great reason to increase the number of he althy dishes from vegetables and fruits in the diet of the whole family.
  6. Do not try this at home! On the Internet and books on Ayurveda, you can find a lot of interesting information about how and in what sequence panchakarma procedures are performed. Therefore, the question often arises as to whether it is possible to go through the healing system on your own. It is categorically not recommended to do this, since the sequence, number and composition of procedures is always selected individually by an Ayurvedic doctor. The doctor takes into account the state of the body, the presence of diseases, age, constitution (type of dosha) and only after that plans the program.

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