How to organize an independent trip to Madrid

How to organize an independent trip to Madrid
How to organize an independent trip to Madrid

Do you want to see the real Spain? Then head to Madrid, where you will find classic tapas, bullfighting, flamenco and, most importantly, a typical Spanish atmosphere. And we will show you how to organize a trip to Madrid using modern technologies

How to organize a solo trip to Madrid
How to organize a solo trip to Madrid

Travel to Madrid on your own: how to get there

From Madrid Airport, you can reach the city center in just 30 minutes by metro or bus. It is also convenient to take a taxi, especially since the price for trips from the airport to any central area of Madrid is fixed. You can calculate a convenient route for moving around the city with the free Google Maps application.

Maps will also become a guide during shopping. For example, in Madrid, we wanted to find the nearest supermarket to the hotel in order to buy Spanish strawberries. “Ok Google, supermarket nearby” is all you need to say to your smartphone. In response, you will receive a map of the nearest stores, which indicates how many minutes to go to them and what time they are open.

Don't miss out! Route through the sights of Madrid and surroundings

In any new city, turn on the Google Now app, it does a pretty good job of suggesting interesting places and establishments worth visiting. Thus, you can easily see the sights of Madrid on your own. For example, you can start your walk in Madrid from the famous Plaza Mayor, where everything breathes history, because it was not without reason that bullfights, coronations and, alas for our past, public executions were held here for many hundreds of years.

Then head towards the majestic Royal Palace to look inside and walk in the beautiful gardens. The next point of the Madrid route is Puerta del Sol, the real heart of Spain, where life is in full swing around the clock and where you can feel the whole atmosphere of this vibrant country. At Puerta del Sol, you will get the opportunity to make a wish by standing at kilometer zero, and you will also see many living statues and other colorful characters. Then go towards Gran Via Street, where you can find anything, buy exclusive Spanish shoes and bags, souvenirs and handmade jewelry, have lunch and just take a look around. Thanks to modern mobile applications, you don't even have to buy a map of Madrid with attractions - you can see everything on your phone.

By the way, if you come across an unusual building or an unfamiliar sculpture while walking, download the Google Goggles app and point the camera at the desired object. In a few seconds you will know the whole truth about him. With this tour of Madrid, you can discover everything on your own, and you don't need a guide!

For art lovers, Madrid is a treasure trove. Here you can admire the works of Rubens, Bosch and Caravaggio (Prado Museum), Tintoretto and Titian (Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum), as well as Picasso and other contemporary artists (Reina Sofia Art Center). No wonder these three museums are called the "golden triangle".

When your feet start to ache from walking, head to Buen Retiro Park. There is enough entertainment for both children and adults. You can go boating, eat ice cream, play on the playground, admire the flower beds or just lie under a tree.

Take a look at the electric bike tour. Pedaling on them is very easy (you can say that the bike carries you by itself), and in just a couple of hours you can visit many points on the Madrid map. And the bike guide will give you a fascinating description of the sights of Madrid.

To complete the experience, it is worth going somewhere from Madrid for one day. For example, in 35 minutes you can take a bus to medieval Toledo, and in 1.5 hours - to fabulous Segovia, where the very Alcazar castle that inspired W alt Disney is located.

What to try and where to eat in Madrid

No one can stay hungry in Madrid. Cute cafes, taverns and restaurants can be found here on every corner. Start your day with breakfast at a classic coffee shop serving churros. They taste like crispy fried pies. They will be served with a mug of hot chocolate - perhaps you will not find such a delicious one as in Madrid anywhere else! For lunch, stop by the tavern with the best deal of the day (menu del dia).

If you want to taste something unusual, go to the San Miguel market. There you will find many traditional Spanish snacks, seafood (like oysters and baked sea urchins), mouth-watering sweets, hearty paella, refreshing sangria and, of course, the best jamon in town. By the way, jamon and olive oil will be great souvenirs for friends and colleagues.

An evening in Madrid is worth ending at a tapas bar, where you will be offered a huge number of snacks (in Spanish, "tapas"). Small sandwiches, olives and peppers are often brought free - just order a drink.

Not all Spanish waiters speak English (let alone Russian). In these cases, the Google Translate app comes to the rescue. In a cafe, shop or pharmacy, you can point your camera at menus or labels and get a Spanish to English translation even without an Internet connection (for Spanish to Russian translation, download a dictionary before your trip). Once in Madrid, we needed to buy cough medicine (when traveling with children, such moments are especially important to consider). They just came to the pharmacy, turned on the Translator application and said in Russian: “I need cough medicine.” The smartphone immediately translated the text aloud into Spanish for the pharmacist. So, thanks to new technologies, the language barrier disappears!

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