What eye color says about your he alth

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What eye color says about your he alth
What eye color says about your he alth

Everyone knows that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and they can speak eloquently about your feelings. But in addition, the eyes can tell something about the state of your he alth.

What eye color says about your he alth
What eye color says about your he alth

Of course, the actual risk of developing a particular disease depends on many other factors, such as environment and genes. However, there are some patterns that allow us to judge the general state of he alth by the state of the iris.

Brown iris

"The darker your eye color, the greater your innate UV protection," says ophthalmologist Ivan Schwab. “But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sunglasses and use sunscreen-everyone can benefit from these UV blockers.” You are less likely than people with light eyes to be at risk of eye cancer, skin cancer and the development of cataracts (clouding of the lens of the eye). One scientific study suggests you're less likely to develop vitiligo, an autoimmune skin disease that causes white patches on your skin and hair.

Another important point: you probably have a lower pain threshold and higher levels of anxiety than blue-eyed women, especially during childbirth. This was discussed in a study presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Pain Society (APS) in 2014. Researchers believe genes are to blame.

Green iris

Women with light green eyes may have a higher pain threshold and lower levels of anxiety and depression, especially during and after childbirth, according to the same study. However, light eyes provide less UV protection than brown eyes. How to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

Blue iris

In addition to the same risks as people with green eyes, you may be more susceptible to alcohol addiction than people with dark eyes. The authors of the study who put forward this thesis cannot yet explain what caused such a relationship and recognize the need for further consideration of the problem.

Red eyes

Everyone gets red eyes from time to time when blood vessels dilate or burst. This is usually due to dry eyes, allergies, sun or dust. Interestingly, regular eye redness may be associated with depression - especially among older people. If your eyes stay red for more than two days in a row, see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. It could be an infection or a blood vessel abnormality, or something more serious.

Yellowing of the eyes

If the whites of your eyes turn yellowish, it's a signal that your liver may be in trouble. Yellow eyes are a symptom of jaundice, a liver disease that affects the body's ability to filter substances. Be sure to see a doctor if your eyes start to look different.

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