Outdoor Party: Summer Party Ideas

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Outdoor Party: Summer Party Ideas
Outdoor Party: Summer Party Ideas

We will help you organize an unforgettable garden party and share the secrets of table and patio decoration, preparation of drinks and simple but delicious dishes.

Party on the air: ideas for a summer holiday

[PAGED_GALLERY] [GPAGE_V]Pinwheel Serving[/GPAGE_V] To make this pinwheel, you will need: origami paper or double-sided colored paper, cocktail paper sticks and our detailed instructions from page 95. The pinwheel will not only decorate the table but will also be a nice souvenir for your guests. [GPAGE_V]Delicate pastels[/GPAGE_V] Decorate the table in soft powdery marshmallow shades combined with pale yellows and light greens. They will add charm to the party and create a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Collect a bouquet of garden flowers and make it the centerpiece of the table. [GPAGE_V][/GPAGE_V] Hang garlands of paper balls in delicate pastel colors in the garden on the branches of trees, thereby defining the boundaries of the recreation area. [GPAGE_V][/GPAGE_V] Transform your kitchen arsenal into original flower pots. A ceramic colander with a jar placed inside will perfectly replace a vase! [GPAGE_V][/GPAGE_V] Pair outdoor furniture with home-made items such as throw pillows or dining room chairs for a cozier garden setting. [GPAGE_V][/GPAGE_V] Give your guests a little attention. And so that they do not leave empty-handed, prepare a surprise for everyone: a seedling mold and a small bag of seeds. [GPAGE_V][/GPAGE_V] Bright salad plates with fresh vegetables and herbs combined with dressings and sauces are a win-win option. Very pretty, tasty and easy! [GPAGE_V][/GPAGE_V] Use more berries and spices from your garden. Make a raspberry fizz or mojito - not only do they taste good, they look amazing too. [GPAGE_V][/GPAGE_V] Just like in a real restaurant: write your holiday menu on a slate board and place it at the entrance to the garden. Looks very impressive! [GPAGE_V]For the whole company[/GPAGE_V]

Large open pies - tarts - are designed just to share them among all guests. Prepare the dough and several different toppings, using vegetables that grow in your garden if possible. Put the pies on a separate large table or on the steps of the stairs so that guests themselves come up and take what they want.

Pictured: zucchini and lemon tart, beetroot and goat cheese quiche, roasted tomato, red onion and basil tart.


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