What to cook with chanterelle mushrooms

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What to cook with chanterelle mushrooms
What to cook with chanterelle mushrooms

The most delicious - fry with potatoes, season with chopped dill and sprinkle with lemon juice. But if this recipe has already been tried, we have many more recipes with chanterelles.

Fox hunting! What to cook with your favorite mushrooms?

It is difficult to find more convenient mushrooms for cooking a wide variety of dishes. Chanterelles are pleasant to collect, almost do not need to be cleaned, it is not even necessary to pre-soak and boil before frying. Yes, yes, unlike most mushrooms, chanterelles do not accumulate substances harmful to humans, so cooking with them is a pleasure. Well, if there are other mushrooms in your basket besides chanterelles, take a look at our material “Mushroom Season” - there are a lot of interesting recipes with forest mushrooms. Happy mushroom hunting and have a delicious weekend!

  1. Sandwich with chanterelles and baked vegetables. Oh, it's very tasty! And it is very convenient, because such a sandwich can be taken with you on a long walk, on a bike trip or to work. Fry the chanterelles in vegetable oil (large cut), season with s alt and freshly ground black pepper. Cut the ciabatta or baguette in half lengthwise, remove some of the crumbs and brush the cut with soft herb cream cheese. Roast or grill eggplant and pepper slices in a pan. Put lettuce leaves on the bottom of the sandwich, baked vegetables, chopped parsley, then chanterelles on top. Cover with lettuce leaves and press down with top bread lid.
  2. Salad with chanterelles. Since the chanterelles will get into the salad already fried, the salad may well be warm - with boiled potatoes, rice, pasta, lettuce leaves and herbs. Dressing can be used yogurt or sour cream - for salad with potatoes. Or from olive oil, sweet mustard, garlic and lemon juice - for salads with rice and pasta.
  3. Marinated chanterelles. Boil the mushrooms until tender (they should settle to the bottom in a pot of boiling water). Prepare the marinade (based on 3 kg of mushrooms): 500 ml of water, 3 tbsp. s alt, 0.5 tbsp. sugar, 1 cup vinegar (9%), ¾ tbsp. vegetable oil, cloves, bay leaf, black peppercorns. Boil the mushrooms in the marinade for 2 minutes, arrange in sterilized jars and store. You can serve boiled mushrooms in a light marinade of lemon juice, vegetable oil and spices.
  4. Chernetine quiche. Based on the French Quiche Lauren recipe and just add a handful of fried chanterelles to the filling, the pie will only benefit from this!
  5. Chernetelles with mushrooms in a pot. The simplest thing you can think of! In general, mushrooms and roasts are a great combination, and a recipe as such is not needed! We put coarsely chopped raw potatoes, mushrooms, onions, some carrots and spices in a pot. Pour in 0.5 tbsp. broth or water, add 2 tbsp. sour cream, cover with a lid and - in an oven preheated to 180C for 1.5-2 hours. Everything will work out! See also our recipe Mushroom Pots with Celery Root - this is another option for cooking mushrooms in a pot with a dough lid.

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