Eva Polna escapes the blues with pies

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Eva Polna escapes the blues with pies
Eva Polna escapes the blues with pies

The singer cheers herself up like a woman: she cooks something delicious. Quiche Lorena recipe from Eva Polna.

Eva Polna escapes the blues… with pies

Eva Polna, while my daughters are relaxing by the sea, and the weather in Moscow is not happy (only +17-18 and rains), decided to cheer myself up with a proven in a feminine way. The singer went to the kitchen and… baked a cake. Eva Polna cooked quiche lauren with cheese, trout and spinach.

In her facebook blog, she wrote: “In our district, for a week now, the weather has been confusion and vacillation. Not summer - sheer sadness. I'm sitting at home, I'm sad on the sly. All my children and household members have gone to the seas, my friends are also all sharply “at work” today, which means I’m all alone … I’ve already redid my affairs and walked in the rain in the company of weighting agents, and my mood is still elegiac. Well, I guess it's time for the kitchen! I talked heart to heart with myself, understood how my heart would calm down, and drove to the store. And now I'm cooking … quiche lauren: from cheese, spinach and trout "".

The singer's online friends immediately asked for the recipe and a photo of the finished dish. Eva Polna generously shared both the recipe and the photo.

Recipe and comments from the singer:

“I warn all gourmets and lovers of "high home cooking" - my recipe is for lazy people! Everything is ready: yeast-free dough, finely chopped and quick-frozen spinach, 200 g of Bulgarian buffalo cheese and a package of light-s alted trout”.

Kish Lauren by Eva Polna:

  • Roll out the dough;
  • put the dough into the form;
  • add the filling to the dough (mix all the ingredients);
  • put in the oven.


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