Secrets of slenderness of stars

Secrets of slenderness of stars
Secrets of slenderness of stars

Five star beauties. What is the secret of their harmony? Everyone has their own recipe: regular exercise, proper nutrition, diet, yoga.

Secrets of slimness of stars
Secrets of slimness of stars

Kristina Orbakaite (44)

Singer, actress, mother of three. At 44, Kristina Orbakaite looks great: toned, slim. The singer does not hide what her secret is. The answer is simple - regular exercise.

“I can't imagine my life without sports. While my daughter is in kindergarten, I manage to devote several hours to training in a fitness club,” says Kristina Orbakaite.

Usually, the singer's training begins with a set of strength exercises designed to burn fat. The second step is the bike. Christina prefers cycling (cycling) is a type of aerobics that imitates cycling.

More Kristina Orbakaite regularly practices Pilates and… dances rumba. Latin American dances are the key to femininity and plasticity. “Besides, once a week I find time to practice bikram-yoga - a set of exercises and special stretching in a hot room, due to which excess fluid is removed from the body.” And one more thing: the singer does not forget to swim for an hour a day in the pool or in the ocean (at the moment when she and her family live in Miami).

The result is obvious: Kristina Orbakaite can safely afford outfits to fit.

Natalia Lesnikovskaya (33)

Actress, star of popular television series (among them "Blood Sisters", "Beekeeper", "The Brothers Karamazov") Natalya Lesnikovskaya carefully monitors nutrition, almost gave up s alt and knows all about the benefits of spices.

“As the heroine of Lyudmila Gurchenko said in the film “Love and Pigeons”, s alt is white death. - Natalia shares her personal secret. - I almost completely abandoned it, as well as ready-made sauces - mayonnaise, ketchup, containing a large amount of harmful dyes and preservatives. Instead of them, I actively use various spices and spices in cooking, which I bring from travels. They improve digestion and activate metabolic processes, as well as increase immunity.

For example, cinnamon is an excellent natural tonic, turmeric is good for the digestive system, saffron contains serotonin, the hormone of joy. Every morning I start with a glass of warm water with ginger, which contains so many vitamins and minerals. This drink "starts" the work of the body and restores its protective functions "".

Also Natalya Lesnikovskaya said a firm no to all sweet carbonated drinks. In summer, the actress tries to drink at least two liters of pure non-carbonated water.

Irena Ponaroshku (32)

TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku actively votes for a he althy lifestyle. She is a vegetarian, practices yoga, devotes time to cardio training, regularly goes to wellness massage sessions. She has recently given up sugar and coffee completely, although she admits that coffee breakdowns still happen, but she is working on herself.

Irena Ponaroshku eats fractionally and often. Carries snacks in a special lunch box. “For some time now I have not left the house without food. I eat strictly every 3-3.5 hours, sometimes I allow a fruit snack between meals (an hour and a half after breakfast or lunch). And to motivate you to eat regularly, here's some information from my Ayurveda doctor: Pimples on the cheekbones and cheeks are most often the result of long breaks between meals.”

About the benefits of massage, the TV presenter says this: “I do massage not only to lose weight and tighten up, but for skin condition (lymphatic drainage), for mood, for lightness. Yes, and psychologists say that women definitely need to get a massage to maintain the level of endorphins, which determine the level of happiness, and our attractiveness, and sexuality, in the end! »

Fields Polyakova (31)

Actress Polya Polyakova, loved by many of us from the TV movie "Closed School", returned to her former forms after pregnancy. She managed to lose 27 kilograms. And all thanks to the protein diet.

“The protein diet helped me to overcome the extra pounds. Its essence is the alternation of protein products (eggs, seafood, fish) with proteins and vegetables. But any diet is effective only in combination with physical activity. Three months after the birth of my son, I began to play sports again - first at home (according to my own set of exercises), later I started going to the gym.

As a result, I managed to lose 27 kilograms and now I weigh 5 kilograms less than before pregnancy. fasting days that I arrange once a week help me maintain the result- apple, vegetable or kefir ".

But Poly Polyakova has one more secret. Every morning, the actress eats 2-3 tablespoons of bran, steamed with boiling water. Bran is rich in vitamins and fiber. And in order not to be tempted by sweets and high-calorie snacks during the day, Polya always carries apples and muesli bars with her.

Ksenia Sobchak (33)

TV presenter, editor-in-chief of a glossy fashion magazine, Ksenia Sobchak is a sports girl. Every day he does one and a half hours of sports in the fitness room under the vigilant supervision of coach Nikolai. And even being on business trips, he does not forget about physical activity.

"How does my morning start? With OFP! General physical training. How many laps of sports fashion I remember… At the beginning there was shaping in front of the TV in a swimsuit with leggings and a bandage on the forehead. Then a trainer and weight lifting, then jogging (running - Ed.) and Pilates … There were and are so many things! But in reality, if you work with your own weight and do cardio every day, this is quite enough to be in shape. The key and most difficult thing in this system is every day. But there are pluses: you wake up, study and the whole day is free! »

More Ksenia Sobchak from time to time takes a course in detox clinics. She visited SHA Wellness Clinic this spring. Xenia's wellness program included: dietary (although it would be more correct to say meager) nutrition, functional training, daily workouts and Nordic walking in the mountains and yoga classes. Ksenia Sobchak was pleased with the result: on the last day of her stay at the clinic, she was photographed in a bathing suit, proudly showing the public a toned figure.

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