Bride again! The most anticipated celebrity weddings

Bride again! The most anticipated celebrity weddings
Bride again! The most anticipated celebrity weddings

Which of the famous girls will try on the bride's dress again in the near future?

Bride again! The most anticipated celebrity weddings
Bride again! The most anticipated celebrity weddings

Anna Khilkevich

August 7 bright 28-year-old actress, star of TV series Barvikha and Univer, DJ and designer Anna Khilkevich try on the bride's dress again. This will be the second marriage of Anna Khilkevich (the first marriage of the actress lasted a year and a half). Anna marries Moscow businessman Artur Zimin.

Wedding details: where the solemn banquet will take place, the couple has not yet announced, but at the same time they arranged an unusual contest on social networks: future spouses play an invitation (for two persons) to their wedding. The winner is promised to pay for both the flight and accommodation in a luxury hotel in the capital. And of course, they guarantee a place at the banquet table.

Earlier, the actress hinted that a modest party was planned, for fifty people, outside the city. Explaining that her first wedding was magnificent and numerous, she does not want to repeat herself. But whether this is so, we will soon find out.

Tatiana Navka

On August 1, the wedding of the famous athlete, Olympic champion in figure skating Tatyana Navka and the press secretary of the President of RussiaDmitry Peskov. This will be the second marriage for both Tatiana and Dmitry Peskov.

Wedding details: According to reports, on this day the bride will shine in a dress by Russian couturier Valentin Yudashkin. The celebration will take place in the restaurant "Heaven". This is an institution with panoramic windows on the peak of Mount Aibga (2320 m above sea level), which offers a picturesque view. Why the celebration will take place in Sochi? Most likely, the reason is that all summer until the end of September Tatiana Navka is involved in the Carmen ice show.

A modest celebration is planned, the closest friends of the newlyweds are invited to the banquet.

Anfisa Chekhova

It is possible that in the near future the actress will also wear a wedding dress Anfisa Chekhova.

As you know, on June 22 Anfisa Chekhovaofficially signed with her civil husband (the couple have been together for six years), the father of a son, Guram Bablishvili. The ceremony took place in the Seychelles. The celebration was intimate: only Anfisa, Guram, their son Solomon and the leader of the ceremony were present. That is why the newlyweds are planning to get married again in Guram's homeland, in Georgia. And this Georgian wedding will follow all the traditions: many guests, toasts, songs and dances.

Wedding details: “When the time comes, there will be strength, opportunities and everything will match, we will definitely take our friends to Georgia and together we will celebrate a fun, colorful wedding,” she assured journalists Anfisa Chekhov.

Charlize Theron

On August 7, the day of the 40th birthday of the actress, the wedding of Charlize Theron and Sean Penn was planned. The celebration was to take place in Johannesburg, in South Africa, in Theron's homeland. The lovers dreamed of celebrating the wedding in a close circle, inviting the closest people. But…

At the end of June, the beautiful blonde Charlize Theron broke off relations with the 54-year-old actor. The star couple did not comment on the reasons for the breakup. It is this understatement that gives fans of the actors a timid hope: what if everything will get better and … take place?

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