Pelageya returned lost pounds

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Pelageya returned lost pounds
Pelageya returned lost pounds

The singer is no longer skinny. Pelageya returned to her previous forms.

Pelageya returned the lost kilograms

Last autumn, the start of the third season of the musical show "Voice" marked the beginning of heated discussions about the appearance of the singer Pelageya. By the broadcast, the singer has noticeably lost weight. They said that Pelageya lost about 20 kilograms. “Pelageya Diets” and even “Pelageya Miracle Diet Pills” immediately appeared on the network. As a result, the singer was forced to apply with an official online statement, saying that she lost weight not with the help of diets and miracle pills, but by adjusting her diet: “Only he althy food, rejection of flour products and fast food, spa treatments and, of course same, the lock on the refrigerator after 18:00. (Photo by Pelageya a year ago and the full text of the appeal)

As you know, the TV screen adds 5-7 kilograms to the real weight, so many TV presenters are forced to monitor their weight in order to look presentable during the broadcasts. Most likely, Pelageya also pursued this goal. But, as you know, in the 4th season of the popular television project "Voice" the composition of star mentors will completely change. Pelageya will no longer be on the jury. This is probably why now the singer can afford to open the refrigerator after 18:00.

At the moment, the singer looks great and harmonious. Just in comparison with the photos of a year ago, it seems plump. But the question should rather be put like this: a year ago Pelageya radically lost weight, but was it good and right?!

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