Beach wardrobe: top 5 fashion mistakes

Beach wardrobe: top 5 fashion mistakes
Beach wardrobe: top 5 fashion mistakes

When going to the beach, you should remember that the rules of urban style do not work here.

Beach Wardrobe: Top 5 Fashion Mistakes

In order not to get into trouble and not look ridiculous, it is worth changing your "fashionable" habits when going to the sea. Here are the most common mistakes:

  1. Too intricate swimsuit Models of swimsuits with all sorts of cutouts, lacing and other decorative elements will provide you with an uneven tan that will be very difficult to get rid of. Sunbathing is best in a bikini, and active water sports in a one-piece swimsuit.
  2. Jewelry Expensive jewelry can be damaged by s alty sea water or chlorine in the pool, in addition, the metal is very hot in the sun, which can lead to skin burns. It is better to buy inexpensive jewelry made from natural materials (shells, semi-precious stones) or plastic, it looks very impressive, and it is not a pity to damage or lose it at all.
  3. Shoes with heels There is nothing more ridiculous than a woman who gets bogged down in the sand, walking along the beach in sandals with heels. Leave these shoes until the evening when you are going to dinner at a restaurant or a party.
  4. Rubber flip flops in the city Loved by many women, rubber flip flops are appropriate only on the beach or in the pool. In the city, opt for leather flat sandals or wedges.
  5. Leather bag instead of a beach bag. Natural skin suffers greatly from sunlight, sea water and tanning products. The best choice for the beach is woven bags made of straw or raffia, as well as textile and trendy transparent plastic bags. Such models are more practical, more spacious and look stylish, and most importantly, appropriate.

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