What to read in August

What to read in August
What to read in August

The best news of August, which you should definitely read.

What to read in August
What to read in August


Craig Maclay, Centerpolygraph

If you've always dreamed of living in a small town and owning a bookstore, this book is for you. But keep in mind: serious passions boil in a modest bookstore: terrible secrets, love, intrigues, power struggles… You won't be bored!


Markus Zusak, Livebook

Three brothers named Wolf live in Sydney and constantly get into stories - one another is scarier and more incredible. They smile at their parents, pretending that everything is in order, but in fact they are ready to gnaw at anyone who stands in their way. Read this book with your teenagers - it will surely become an occasion for an important conversation.


Frederic Begbeder, ABC

1941, New York, aspiring writer Jerry Salinger met 15-year-old Una O'Neill, the daughter of a famous playwright. This magical meeting turned into a separation for life and yet became what this life defines.


Igor Prokopenko, Eksmo

What do astronauts face in orbit? Is it true that all known viruses came to Earth from outer space? Is there a connection between the fall of meteorites and epidemics that claim millions of lives? Try to free up the weekend - you will read this book without stopping.


Louise Penny, ABC

Louise Penny has won the Agatha Christie Award for Best Detective of the Year five times. Her new book is a classic detective story that will keep you hooked until the last page.

Editor's Choice


Anna Gavalda, AST

The final novel of the trilogy: Parisian Mathilde reflects on fate, love and whether it is worth looking for someone she met by chance.

For children and parents


Alexander Timofeevsky, CompassGuide

Together with a poetry collection for kids, a variety of animals will come to visit you - with their habits and characters, worries, fears and joys. Looking at illustrations by Marina Pawlikowska is a pleasure!


Elvira Smelik, Rosmen

This book, about the importance of discussing even the most difficult topics, was born from conversations between the author and his teenage daughter about everything in the world. Schoolgirl Alice is sure that she can help her drug addict friend - because she believes in the best. But you can't do it alone.


Anastasia Maleyko, Compass-Guide

Daughter of divorced parents, Lina is friends with a talking oak, collects rare things and loves old movies. And Lina doesn't like her mother's new friend, and she is trying to figure out the main teenage questions: who am I, why do I live and what is love?

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