Star Holiday: We know what they're doing this summer

Star Holiday: We know what they're doing this summer
Star Holiday: We know what they're doing this summer

During the two months of summer, many of us managed to go on vacation. The stars are no exception. Let's see which celebrity is vacationing where.

Star Vacation: We Know What They're Doing This Summer
Star Vacation: We Know What They're Doing This Summer

Polina Gagarina

Singer Polina Gagarina together with her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, and son Andrei spent a few days in Rome. As the singer admitted, she was so upset by the Moscow summer (cool weather and frequent rains) that she dreamed of being where it was warm and sunny. As soon as she had days free from concerts and meetings, they immediately flew to Italy as a family. On vacation, the couple decided not to rent a hotel room, but an apartment. Apparently, in order to fully feel the rhythm and life of the city. “We rented an apartment in the very center of the city. Very cozy, colorful, as they say, with an atmosphere! - Commented Polina Gagarina. - By the way, we have always lived in hotels and this is the first time we have had such an experience, but it turned out to be very pleasant! »

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Singer Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova (GlukoZa) spent several days in Sardinia. According to the singer, she cannot live without traveling. “Traveling, new cities and countries, acquaintances and discoveries - this is what my life consists of! If I do not move and do not move, it seems to me that life has stopped! Three things make a person happy: love, an interesting job, and the opportunity to travel.” Hard to disagree.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya spent several days in Sochi. She was accompanied by her little son Sasha. Judging by the photos that Yana Rudkovskaya posts on social networks, they walk a lot along the beach, sunbathe, swim in the sea and in the pool at the Rodina Hotel. Dad, the famous athlete Evgeni Plushenko, was not with them these days, apparently, they did not let things go to the Black Sea coast. But knowing the traditions of this star family, there is no doubt: they will certainly go somewhere else all together.

Sergey Lazarev

Like many artists, Sergey Lazarev has not yet gone on a full vacation. A busy tour schedule does not allow, only in recent weeks the singer has performed in Turkey, Jurmala, St. Petersburg, Sayanogorsk. But during his stay in the Krasnoyarsk Territory the singer still had some free time, and he was able to travel a little around the region and even took a picture against the backdrop of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station.

Nikita Presnyakov

Nikita Presnyakov, together with his girlfriend, who graduated from school that year, spent vacation in Spain. The lovers visited Barcelona, and one day they went to the Port Aventura amusement park in Salou. As the singer admitted, he decided to ride one of the most desperate attractions: “I jumped with a parachute and it can not be compared with these slides. Effect for life! I advise everyone to ride in the last places! They fly into the slopes harder! »

Victoria Isakova

Actress Victoria Isakova together with her husband director Yury Moroz spent several happy days at the sea in Montenegro. "Sea. The mountains. Peace,” the actress shared her personal happiness formula.

Dmitry Nagiev

Showman and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev gaining strength and positive emotions before the start of the new TV season. Many viewers are looking forward to the start of the musical show "Voice - 4", the TV project should still be hosted by Nagiyev. In the meantime, summer, the TV presenter went to the sea to France. At least, this is what his Instagram subscribers think, having “calculated” the place where the shot was taken (Dmitry himself laughed it off, writing that he was resting in Chertanovo). No less heated discussions were caused by the image of Dmitry Nagiyev and the length of his denim shorts. Yes, Dmitry Vladimirovich knows how to attract attention to himself!

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