Thinking out loud: Zhanna Epple

Thinking out loud: Zhanna Epple
Thinking out loud: Zhanna Epple

Actress and TV presenter advises keeping children's notes and not forgetting your story.

Thinking out loud: Jeanne Epple
Thinking out loud: Jeanne Epple

I TRY to be a good mom. Recently I had, one might say, the third child - a daughter-in-law, the wife of the eldest son, Potap. We love to get together at the table, eat something tasty, watch good TV shows, laugh. And cats, of course, with us.

MY HOLIDAY. I work all the time, I never manage to celebrate something every day. Therefore, when I return from the tour, I announce: today is a holiday! And we celebrate my return.

COMPLIMENT. Recently I came home very tired, and the youngest, Efim, demanded a lot of attention. I say: “Son, dear, you drove me, I’m already a grown woman …” And he replied: “Oh, mommy, I’m sorry, I forgot that you are not 25!” It was very nice.

I ALWAYS KEEP all children's drawings and notes of sons. And now the text messages. Once the youngest son was admitted to the hospital, and from there he wrote to me: “Mommy, dear, I love you so much! Forgive me for being a pig sometimes!”

FAVORITE PLACE IN THE HOUSE. Bathroom. I like to fill the bathtub with hot water, pour in a good product and lie down and dream. Water takes everything bad.

SIGNATURE DISH. Chicken pie with pineapple. It is eaten by all my children, who actually have very different tastes. Minced chicken, tomatoes, pineapples (you can canned) are laid out on puff pastry, everything is sprinkled with cheese and baked in the oven. Easy to make, just like pizza!

WOULD LIKE TO LEARN. If I wasn't an actress, I would like to be a psychologist, I'm interested, I like to think about it, read, talk, give advice.

RECENTLY I WAS at the Jewish Tolerance Center. This is, of course, a unique place and a unique exhibition. It inspires incredible respect for its scale, and, of course, I recommend it not only to Jews, we must not forget our history.

SUDDENLY IN THE BASKET. There are ordinary things: cosmetics, money, rights, phone. And among them is my son's baby card, an appliqué he made when he was seven years old.

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